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    Why BJP Party is more interested to conduct Assembly and Parliament polls of India at one time?

    BJP party is more seriously working on to conduct both State and Parliament polls at the same time on regular basis. Like a Coin has two sides, conducting elections at the same time for both, have some advantages as well as disadvantages. If elections are conducted at different times, politicians will have some fear in their mind all the time so that in order to get votes from the people they put their best efforts to serve the people throughout five years. If one time they got elected for five years, simply they neglect in serving the people until the time they have to go and ask people to vote them. The other thing is if a party is at an advantage at the center, through that they pressurize the people to vote in Assemblies also to do a favor for the State. Because of this, the federal system of our democracy will be affected. Members discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting State and Parliament elections the same time in India without any bias and partisan outlook.
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    1. The full form of BJP is Bhartiya Janata Party. So, the word 'Party' after BJP is not required.

    2. The issue of the simultaneous election was discussed at least twice in recent months. I have expressed my opinion on this issue earlier. I am reiterating my stand.

    3. In earlier days since 1952 to 1977, the elections of Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies of different states were held simultaneously. The change was due to the 1980 Lok Sabha election. The Janata Government fell prematurely and Lok Sabha election was held in 1980 instead of 1982. Since then, the elections of Lok Sabha and Assembly are being held at different times.

    4. If both the elections are held simultaneously, the public exchequer would be able to save at least Rs. 1000 crores in every five years.

    5. More importantly, The functioning of the Governments (both Central and State) would not come to a standstill at different times. All of us are aware that no new policy/scheme can be announced/implemented after the declaration of elections. If elections are held simultaneously, then such activities will stop only once in five years.

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    The important advantage what I feel is the reduction in the expenditure for election. If we conduct two elections separately the government has to make all the arrangements two times whereas if they are conducted together one-time arrangements are sufficient. This will reduce the total expenses. Another advantage is the election campaigns can be only once in 5 years.The expenditure there are also will come down. That will also save a lot of time for election commission employees also.
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    Well how big is indian economy? it is $2.4 trillion and it is not 1000 crores, it is actually approx. 1,000 lakh crore economy or may be lot more. So, by doing favoritism and corruption etc. They move huge amount of money into pockets. One example of poor construction "In Madhya pradesh, Ratlam Highway bridge was damaged in just 5 years of its construction." Usually highway bridge have big life, you can understand this by British era bridges and construction which are still standing tall in various parts of our country. BJP is in power from MP in 15 years.
    This is the time when BJP has money, power and resources, which they wanted to put to win elections in one single shot. Same is not the case with congress. Well it seems very lucrative to have one time elections in everywhere but it is harmful for our democracy. By doing mass media manipulation, propaganda or some kind of acts party can win election in one shot. So, its actually dangerous. We need to save our democracy rather then converting it to monopoly.

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    ''This is the time when BJP has money, power and resources, which they wanted to put to win elections in one single shot. Same is not the case with congress. ''-Well, where has the astronomical amount looted in various scams gone? Even today, we have seen the National Herald case in the newspapers.

    ''Well it seems very lucrative to have one time elections in everywhere but it is harmful for our democracy.''-It was not harmful during 1952 to 1977.

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    Our PM Modi is known for taking some strategic decisions during his tenure and holding simultaneous polls for state assemblies and Parliament has been his pet idea and he has been pushing for the conscience even in social media and public platform. Actually by pitching for this he would be immensely helping the country to save so much money being wasted for every elections in staggered manner. Moreover there would clear cut verdict from the voters. They can chose the performing government at the state and centre. Even Congress party would support this move and soon it will be reality.
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    Elections come with a huge responsibility to the election commission, the candidates, and the public. Simultaneous elections would save money and people would not have to go through the same cycle of listening to political campaigns, the conduct of the election and the results and start of the new office bearers.
    The problem some feel is that people may mix-up national and regional issues, the government at the center might muscle its way into the state elections. I don't think this would be possible as the mindset of the electorate has changed. Let us see the results in Karnataka (Congress in power) with BJP at the center. There should be a healthy competition between parties and the party favored at the center need not be the ideal choice at the state level.

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