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    What is the biggest lesson you have learned?

    Life teaches us many things, both good and bad. We sometimes learn from our mistakes and at times we keep on doing the same mistake without learning a lesson. I am sure, we all might have done some mistakes in life or rather our experiences might have taught us a lesson of life.
    Some might have touched fire to know that we will get hurt, at the same time some might have understood it without touching fire. What is that lesson that you learned? Share it, if it can be shared with others so they too can learn from it.
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    What I learned the lesson from the life is that none comes behind us nor depended on us. To certain level even children are to be left alone to mend their ways and relocate their lives. Those who cry or wait for our presence seems to be temporary phenomenon and not out of love and affection. Those who think that they wont live without our presence is the fooling way of convincing us that we are more to them. As long as you have the ability and courage to lead the life, nothing can be left unattended. As soon as you become risk and sick, you have to need the clutches of the people and that is very taxing.
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    I think the biggest lesson I have learned in life till date is that one should not expect anything from anyone. Be on your guard and be ready to face life all alone because, when you face the music, you will be dancing alone on the floor of life.

    It is not a new fact but it took me some time to realize the same. Remember the saying 'nothing can be safer than your hands beneath your head when you go to sleep'? Though I am making a general statement, I do agree that there may be a few exceptions. But even those exceptional cases might appear more demanding during your bad times. We may have relatives and friends who are very close to us and don't mind helping us out or sharing our feelings when we are fine but the change in their attitude will be visible once you start facing some problem. I am not saying that no one will share our burden but it will be conditional and you might have to tow their line to get some relief in any manner.

    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    The biggest lesson I learned in my life is to love your job but not the company you work. The family is the first thing you have to care but not the profession. But it has taken a life's time for me to learn these two important points. I used to neglect many family issues and leave it to my wife for the sake of my Organisation work. But when I need a help Company has not come forward but my whole family is around. Now when I look back I feel I missed a lot in my life with my family in the pursuit of my career. Of course, I made big in my profession and achieved good name around. That satisfaction is there. Later on, when I was reading a book written by our Ex-President and the Indian Missile Man Sri APJ Abdul Kalam, I learnt that we have to like the job but not the company. But I love my profession and I started loving my family first and then the profession.
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    What I learned so far is that nothing succeeds without hard work, focused approach and sincerity.

    There is no free lunch in this world. Every penny is to be earned with efforts. In our country, there is a culture that during education parents take full care of children. Even after their education is complete, they are treated same way in the house till they get a job. Just imagine a situation that a child is told to be on his own after he gets his graduation or post-graduation. What will he do? He has no experience of doing menial jobs. He will not have a sense of the dignity of labour so he will shy off from small jobs. Consequently, he will not be able to survive for a single day.

    So without hard work and without skill, we cannot survive in this world for a single day.

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    There are many things I learned. But the biggest thing that I learned is - Never try to tell a lie. If you try to tell a lie, your mind won't be peaceful. You will start worrying about the follow-up things. You may have to continue telling lie after lie to hide the fact.

    Once I was to go to Chennai directly from Tirunelveli to attend a function. But I went to Bangalore first and then to Chennai. While in Bangalore, I was told to tell the Chennai people that I was coming to Chennai directly from Tirunelveli. By the time, someone who saw me in Bangalore has informed the Chennai people that they have seen me at Bangalore home. I was not aware of it. When I reached Chennai, I informed them that I was coming from Tirunelveli direct. The people gave a dirty look at me. I could understand that I was caught by the fact. I had a sleepless night. Next day, I had to tell a creative story and convince them as to why I told a lie.

    When I went back to Bangalore, I advised the people who misdirected me to tell a lie - Not to tell a lie for any reason. Face the problems with the fact.

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    Among the many lessons that I have learned (I'm still learning) the most important is 'Never to trust anyone implicitly'. In this world, everyone is human and it is human to be corrupted by greed, selfishness, jealousy and hence people also change.

    We have to live with people (friends, colleagues, extended families) in their various spheres of life, have belief and hope that people are genuine but when to trust them implicitly, some let us down. This is difficult for us to understand and we have undergo a few hardships because of our own misplaced trust.

    So, the lesson I've learned is live with people, have faith in the ones that you are closely associated but trust them with a big pinch of salt. If you are aware, you will be surprised who people misuse the trust you have placed on them.

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