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    Mid day meals - are they really mitigating the hunger of students ?

    The Central and state governments are providing mid day meals to the students across the country. And on all the working days the students would get the nutritious food. It is to be noted here that the government spends 10 crores for the students in 11.5 lakhs schools and the amount spent ranges from 7 rupees to 8 rupees fifty paise per student. Now the question is, are the students really getting the nutritious food or are the governments giving a long rope to the contractors and middlemen to earn out of this scheme?
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    Mid day meal governance is affected or mismanaged in the same way as other schemes of the Govt. The main idea was to provide the students a good quality food in the interval or recis time. This will help the students if the food is nutritious.

    It depends from school to school also that how they manage this. We can not assume that everyone involved in the process is corrupt. There are many honest and hard working people in our country and today whatever things are going smoothly is just because of them.

    So the scheme is good but the people managing it should be sincere in their work. There are many complaints of this scheme from some schools and even people responsible for it were booked for this.

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    The midday meals scheme is having another point also. It is actually aimed to attract poor people who are not sending their children to schools as they don't have money. If they came to know that government is feeding them in the afternoon in the school they may encourage their children to go to school. That is why this is implemented in many primary schools in villages initially. The second point is to give nutritious food.
    This scheme is being implemented in some schools very seriously and I know where the Head Masters are taking a lot of interest and seeing this scheme is a success in their school. In our native place in Andhra Pradesh, the Head Mister is making this problem a big success and the attendance improved, he says, after the introduction of this scheme in his school.

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    Midday meals are in reality to encourage the poor to send their children to school so that at least in return for one free meal they can come to school and study. This is implemented under various names in many states.
    There were some reports of sub-standard food, some local people making money by pilferage and supplying lesser quantity, adulteration etc.
    The Government has to persist with this program and focus on increasing accountability and transparency in such programs. The poor students should attend the morning, then be eligible for one good free meal and day and the at least they will get nourishment and education.
    The people below to poverty line should be willing to send their wards to get a little education and not send them only for the food during lunch time (being absent during school class hours).

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    Mid day meals introduced by state and centeal government is really a good initiative. The main aim of this mid day meals scheme is to provide quality and nutritious food to all the children. Because students can learn and understand the classes only if they were healthy by eating nutritious food. If they are hunger or weak they can't learn properly.

    As others said to encourage poor people also to come to schools might also be on of the reason for introducing this mid day meals scheme by government.

    But this should be handled properply with out any corruption by middle people and contracters. Government should also conduct inspections on quality of the food provided frequently. Then only this scheme will become successful.


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