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    Concentrate on the things that can be changed

    We all know that certain things can't be changed no matter how hard we try. We are simply wasting our time and energy by trying to change it. Instead we should actually concentrate on those things that can be changed. Life has to move on and hence we need to let go of certain things.

    Life will be much easier when we learn to ignore things. We should have a cool approach and should leave if things are not working our way. Rather than wasting our time, we can spend it on things which might turn out to be fruitful.
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    That is a good advice. It is always better to pluck low lying fruits. Once the low lying fruits are over then we will think of other fruits. Same is the case here. The things which we can change can be concentrated and complete those works. Later on, if we have certain other jobs we are hard, they can be tried. It is a good practice.
    Even when we go for an examination we will try to complete answering the questions which we are very sure and then we will try the other questions. So this is the fact of life.
    In life, certain things will be beyond our reach to change. So spending a lot of time on those tasks when they are other tasks which can be easily addressed. This what actually we called planning. Planning plays a very important role in solving our problems.

    always confident

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    We try many things but do not succeed in all of them. We find that certain things are not our cup of tea. Even after repeated attempts we are not able to have the desired result.

    Now comes the time to decide - to ignore some of the tasks and concentrate on the other where we are lucky to get results.

    The author has nicely narrated the process of selecting the possible from the mixed lot of possible and impossible. In fact we should not waste our time in those activities where results are known to be negative.

    The lifetime is limited for an individual and there are many things which are to be attended and completed. So there is no need to waste time in highly difficult unachievable targets.

    Knowledge is power.

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