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    Is there any problem having party at night?

    It is 21st century and people are being modern want to be free taking their decision whether it is of their life or related making fun outside. so i just want to take your suggestion what do you want ? and what do you think the person should do to show that he is modern.
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    In this modern world partying has become a fashionable trend among the youth. It is one of the most sought after event on a weekend, birthdays, engagements and a lot more. Young boys and girls too love to attend parties and very proudly pronounce it in their circles. People search for a reason to party.
    I think there is no harm in attending or organising a party if there is a reason to celebrate. But for the sake of enjoying, wasting money and having a overdose of liquor in parties is not a good suggestion.
    Youngsters are indulging in illegal activities in the name of parties. Parents should monitor the activities of children and such parties should not be encouraged.
    Late night parties on regular basis is also not advisable as it effects one's health and the next day's schedule.

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    Can we consider the concept that having party during might as modern? In that case what we mean by modern ? Parties are conducted during night, very often because people are busy during day time. For a party different categories of people are invited. Majority will be free only during night time. Hence the choice of time during night. This culture has emerged from the Western countries. There they don't prefer taking leave from duty. Just because it is copied from Western countries it cannot be considered as modern.
    In our country we can arrange parties according to our own convenience, that is what I feel.


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    By the way no one is coming across our right to have party at night where ever we want and with whom so ever we want to have the blast. But some people commonly caught off guard, when they behave strangely after the party, moving out of the place late night with high spirit and thus caught by the police through liquor analyser and later punished for drunk and drive case. Invariably during week ends in Hyderabad the police are conducting surprise checks outside the bar and restaurant and many young people are easily caught for heavy boozing and so on. As long as you maintain decency and be within the limits without abusing others or making scenes on the roads without disturbing others privacy, there is no problem, but I have seen people hooting and making heavy noise on the road riding on the bike after the party is over and that is not acceptable at all.
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    Late night parties are very common in the upper strata of society where celebrities and rich people are generally present. These are mostly hosted in star hotels with full pomp and show. Liquor is an integral part of these parties and frankly speaking many people go to join them only because liquor is there or they have some business interest with the people coming there.

    Anyway, for middle-class people, it has no meaning except to waste the precious time. One can have such parties within the limited finance in one of the friend's house but that will be a great nuisance and botheration to his family members and they may not allow such parties in future.

    There are many other ways in which one can have fun and frolic in life. Even the evening hours from 7 to 11 PM are sufficient for such indulgences. Why to cross the midnight mark?

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    Late night parties are part of a life experience one should have. Especially when you have got a job and are responsible for a life there is no harm in going out for enjoying the nightlife. Just as everyone said, be responsible if you want to party. Drink in a limit, don't drink and drive and don't create a nuisance. Best is to go to a disc where you will not disturb anyone and there will be other people to make sure nothing goes out of the hand.

    Partying late does not just belong to the high-class people. I have had many such experiences and it doesn't cost more than 1000-1500 per person if you eat and drink within limits.

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    As a part of my duty, I have attended many parties in the night while I was a Director in an Organisation. Even I personally don't like to attend these parties I was to attend the parties for the sake of entertaining the Guests.
    I have seen different types of people who react and behave differently in these parties. By seeing these behaviours I feel the so-called modern people behave very silly sometimes. One person drinks the liquor as if he can't drink now, he will never get it again. Another person keeps the half-completed bottle in the bag for the next day at home. One person orders so many dishes as if he is not worried about the quantity. Bill is cleared by the company so no problem for him. Another person asks for two packets of food for the people in the house so that there will not be any necessity to cook in their house that night. They will come to the party by keeping only one thing at the house before starting. That is their modesty. They never feel awkward for their actions in the so-called modern midnight parties.

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    someone has asked what is modern? accepting western thing is not the modernization? As in ancient time people just copied the lifestyle of Britishers and today this had become trend now. I don't know why do person not want to accept westernization. i agree forgetting the customs are not good.
    Modern means understanding the ancient customs being follow by us without knowing the reason and refusing those to accept
    Raja Ram Mohan Roy is known as Father of modern India is just because once he refused the thinking of we Indians and support the Britishers and write a letter for British Crown. Due to this only our girls started studying in Gurukul. Those, according to we Indians are not allowed to study in higher classes. where dalits were allowed to enter in temples, who were not allowed to wear slippers and shirts.
    Changing these customs by understanding them is known to be modern here no matter if someone told us we are accepting western things then yes we are accepting those as these are good for development of our country. we will accept these type of things further.

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    Its your life and you are free to do whatever you want. But being modern doesn't mean losing all your values. Party. Introverts like me try to escape it while extroverts die to be in one.
    Then is late night partying correct? Well, it's not wrong as long as you're not serving booze. Now that's a problem because people drink at nights. But the guests of your party would need to leave. They can't drive themselves home in that state. Moreover they can misbehave with you or any other guest. They can try to misbehave with women.

    Then is is really necessary to throw a party ? To show you're modern ? No. You can lead a modern life being completely unaware of the parties. There isn't much one can do in a party anyway. Singing and dancing a bit. Drinking a lot. Playing drunk games?
    I don't such culture aesthetic. Well it's my view alone, if you like to party, nothing can stop you.

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    Going to a party does not mean we are modern, it depends on the choice and the need for these parties. We live and work in a world with global connections, when different cultures meet up we need to break the ice and night dinners or parties are one way of developing business relationships.
    At a personal level, depending on the social circles we move in and our attitudes, there would be people who have a career that mandates them to attend many parties to maintain there presence and contacts, to get things moving on etc.
    Lastly, it's not wrong to have a party to celebrate an achievement or milestone in life. We just need to do it a safe and responsible manner so that others are not disturbed, we travel safely and the flow of alcohol is in moderation and drugs are a big No.

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