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    What is the difference between the life of hosteler and a day scholar?

    A person always thinks of life in two ways, a happy life and a life without happiness. But a student thinks about his life as a life inside the hostel and life outside the hostel. Life outside the hostel doesn't mean when you are at home with parents but the comparison is between a day scholar and hostler.

    A hostler does not have private, personal or its mine like words in his dictionary. All his belongings are public that can be taken by anyone without permission and when you need that you have to put on a Whatsapp group that "whosoever has taken my toothpaste, please give it back to my {particular} room". After typing your announcement a reply comes like "it is your thing which is lost so go to all rooms and check and take it yourself". Hostel teaches you how to live for others. A hostel room is generally booked for three persons, but there would be many rooms in which we can never find less than four persons. I don't know whether it was good or bad to me that I belonged to one of those rooms of my hostel.

    One of my friends once told me that she has not been allotted a hostel room and my reply to her was that her life has no meaning then. She agreed with this as she knew that the meaning of hostel for a student is nothing less than a life itself. A day scholar always wants to live in a hostel.

    A day scholar always misses a group, the fights, and that Maggie at 3 'o clock in the morning. I was always happy playing volleyball at the entrance of hostel at 12 am and all the rest used to hang on the balcony cheering and motivating us. The watchmen who were sleeping at the gate waking up and joining our game was one of the best things a hostler could ask for. The birthday celebrations became rocking hard when birthday boy got slippers over his back and the cake over his face later. The baraati (marriage) dances used to give such an awesome feeling. Eating the sweets of a friend in the mess and that canteen party at the start of a month and becoming poor in the last of the month used to be fun. If a friend went for a date, all of us used to contribute money. Then those midsemester parties and hooting in the corridor just to show that exams have concluded used to be a thrill. If someone beats a friend then all would be beside him to take revenge, no matter what the issue was.

    A hostler will never have a friend. He will have a bhais (that is brothers) only. A bhai who is ever ready to help you. A bhai who is the only reason for your living there. Those abusive words that start the sentence and ends too, that making of weird sounds when the girlfriend calls and one of the best that we started to do in the hostel were sending the weird pictures to the group and then commenting on it together, the same message at the same time.

    That's the hostel life which a person would miss every time. I agree that a day scholar is also one of the happy persons as he is living with his parents. But there are many things that a hostel teaches you for a better survival in the society.
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    Life hosteler is the person who is supposed to live in the campus where he or she is studying or working for the agreed period. Whereas the day scholars are one who shall study in the same institution but comes from their home to and fro, When compared to day scholars the life of hostelers having advantage and disadvantage. The advantages are that there would be much time available for the studies and there is no disturbance from outside elements and thus total concentration in studies can be initiated. When the hostelers form as a peer group, they can create wonders in the class room with their unique way of preparing for the exams through combined studies with utmost concentration. But when it comes to disadvantage, it is often seen that hostelers become home sick and laterally wants to discard the hostel life. For some the food served in hostels are not liked and they fell ill.
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    A hostel life is a public life. A day scholar is a private person. In the hostel we meet different people with different mentalities and it is group of diverse nature. But all are unite. A true India can be seen in hostel. The day MO comes from the house he is the king. The next fay he is a poor man. He will look foe the king of the day. There is no your's and mine. Everything is ours. When any student just reaches hostel from home his bag will be empty in a few minutes. All eatables will be shared by all. A lot of fun. But as the exams come everybody is serious about the studies. A beautiful experience of hostel life should not be missed. A day scholar will have a different experience in which also lot of fun will be there. A student life is the best part of our life.
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    An excellent write up of the hostel life. Hostel life is sort of carefree with little or no stress. The little stress would be because of minor fights or rivalry related to a girl. Very rarely it would be serious because of compliants or money owed.
    The best would be the movies, the bikes (you could choose from any of the 10-15 bikes of your close friends). The later mornings, the endless by two coffee or tea. Books would be a mess and when you get into the mood to read, it would not be around.
    The number of people in the hostel room is only on paper, there would always be somebody's friend visiting, somebody have a small party, somebody doing joint study in our rooms etc. Life would be fun, the camaraderie and friendship is much better among hostelites in comparison to day scholars.

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    During the period of our studies owing to personal or family reasons many of us decide where to stay. Generally the school or college is close to our residence, staying with the parents will be our option. In the case school going period in most of the cases parental home will be our option. It is mainly because children are admitted in the neighbouring schools. Even the school is a little far off there will be school buses to take students.
    When admitted in colleges children are forced to stay in hostels. This is mainly because of the availability of interested courses in the neighbouring colleges.
    Staying with parents or in a hostel has its own pluses and minuses. However, every student should have both the experiences. Stay in hostel help them to become a social being, since he gets a chance to mingle with different types of friends. Also he will develop the habit of self dependence. Character formation time is the college study time. Hence the selection of friends is important and this takes place during the hostel stay. Of course some guidance will be required at this stage.
    Staying with parents are good but the exposure will be limited.


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