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    India wins Blind Cricket World Cup 2018

    In a thrilling final, our Indian Team beat Pakistan by two wickets to lift the Blind Cricket World Cup for the second time.

    This tournament had teams from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Australia, and Nepal. The finals were played in Sharjah. India won the toss, Pakistan made 308/8 in 40 overs and India won with 309/8 with 10 balls to spare. This is the 5th tournament in the Blind World Cup series.

    Indian captain Ajay Kumar Reddy dedicated the Indian team victory to the Armed Forces. PM Modi and Sachin have congratulated our team.

    Our salutes for these challenged men who rose up to the challenge.
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    Really they boys played well and they made the best out of the tournament. Final match was very thrilling and our players showed their might in overtaking the score of the other team. My congratulations to the team and best wishes for other tournaments they are going to face. They made India proud.
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    Hearty congratulations to the Indian team on winning the Blind Cricket World Cup 2018! The icing on the cake is that they could retain the cup.
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    Congratulations to Indian Blind Men's Cricket Team for retaining the World Cup. The icing on the cake is defeating Pakistan in the final.
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    We really feel proud and elated over the winning of World cup series on Blind for the cricket at Sharjah and that too beating our arch rival with formidable score. My happiness has no bounds as every one of such players are part of the glory to success. When we are loosing to other countries in regular series with experienced cricket team, here is the team members who are blind and yet taken up the courage and task to play it to the hilt and register the beaming win much to the satisfaction of every Indian. Rightly our PM Modi and cricketer Sachin have congratulated them for their achievement.
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