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    Let us know about our own celebrities too!

    There is no dearth for knowledgeable persons in our ISC too. After following through his contributions and his profile, I understood the caliber of the veteran ISCian. When I could publish an article - An interview with Vandana, the ISC admin has suggested to take up such interviews with our active members too. Then the retired Professor T M Sankaran struck to my mind and he did agree to my request to respond to my questionnaire.

    When a celebrity's response to an article published on him or her is being celebrated , I too can't stop my joy sharing with you. Now an article published- Meet your ISCian - Prof. T M Sankaran- An academician from Kerala in our website. Friends, let us know about our own celebrities too!
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    Nice gesture on the part of the author to interview and present it as the article on our most coveted member Sankaran and just happened to go through the details , it was awesome and not less than a big biography of our great member.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very nice to know that you have published an article on one of the members of ISC. It is good that you have interviewed him and based on his answers you have made an article. I have to go through the article. T. M.Sankaran is a very good member of this channel who brings very good posts in this threads. It is nice to be a contemporary of such a great man.
    always confident

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    The interview with our senior member Prof T.M. Sankaran is a concise record of the individual and takes us through his journey right from childhood till date. His memories of the childhood days in his village are nostalgic and his career graph is inspiring. Sankaran sir is a valuable member of this site and has always been around sharing his knowledge and experiences.

    Hope to see more such interviews which would introduce the personal facts and thoughts of our members. Let us have it one by one.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    This is really a great step forward to interview some of the senior members and make it available in ISC site as an article.

    Very nice activity as all of us will know about our esteemed members, their struggles in their lives etc which will be a motivating and inspiring force for some readers.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Mr. Umesh for your good response in the article. I felt very happy to know more about him when I was browsing some other sites and glad that we have such a veteran among us.

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    Mr.Jagdish, an excellent thread, some among us are no less than other celebrities in many ways. Your write up is a very good example for my earlier thread Have your realised your own brand value?.

    Although, we may be common people who are not known to a wide audience, some of us have achieved (many can achieve) notable things with honesty, dedication, and hard work. A celebrity brand value is often spoken in monetary terms, but the brand value of little-known celebrities among common people is more in terms of human values and morals that one accumulates over a lifetime. I'm proud that you have penned this write up and indeed very happy to interact with Shankaran sir in the forum.
    I must add that, I admired his principle of not commenting on every single religious thread that has been politicised or presented in the forum,

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    I must thank each one of you who have said encouraging words about me based on Mr. Jagdish's interview with me. I am a simple man and generally prefer to stay behind the curtains. Just when one of the active ISCIAN requested me to answer a few questions I did not think twice. I felt the questions or answers did not cover certain aspects. Hence, when Mr. Jagdish prepare the questions for the next ISCIan, a little more details collection may be attempted.
    Anyway I am thankful to Mr. Jagdish for bringing me to lime light, especially a person otherwise would not have come out.


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    That's a very nice and deeply engaging interview with Professor Mr. T.M. Sankaran. I should appreciate Mr. Jagadish for making us aware of fellow members of ISC. That's a very great move by you.

    I can say that Prof T.M. Sankaran is a simple man and very helpful by nature. Your childhood days at your mother's place also reminded me of mine. Those were some beautiful days which can be cherished for life. Thank you for taking your time and letting us know about yourself and once again I thank Mr. Jagadish for conducting this interview.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The Lead Editor Mr. Jagdish patro is a gentleman and his attitude show when he interviewed the two well known person of ISC. However, the interview should not be only to show the positivity or only brighter side, an honest interview is the one which brings the sweating moments for the person who interviewed. I did'n find any moment in both of the interview. The interview with ME of ISC is looked as if it has been done to bring out all the positive side the ME has. May be that's why when I questioned in the same article, my response was deleted. Anyway, its personal how you take interview to someone.

    If given a chance, I would love to have a frank and honest interview with ME and the LE Saji Ganesh of the ISC. I doubt if they will be able to stand with my bouncers.

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