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    Smart phone users in India is on the rise and the country becomes second largest user in the world.

    It is the fact that we are all habituated to smart phones and it is now very clear that Smart phone users in India going on raising and the country becomes second largest in world. In 2014 there were 22 crores smart phone users and that risen to 40 crores in 2017. On the government part too there has been constant endeavour to upgrade the gram panchayats with fibre connectivity. So by seeing the craze for smart phones the world smart phone manufacturers have the reason and necessity to make more such phones as there is no dearth for future market for them.
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    India is the second largest country having the second highest population in the world after China. So automatically the smartphone consumers must also be more as these days there is no one without a mobile. The other day I was in Pune. I was travelling in a car and just seeing the sides as I was alone in the car. A beggar who is sitting on a roadside is using his touchscreen phone. After seeing I though in India the smartphone sales will go to the record level and now you are confirming the s same. We can say now India is a developed country and not developing country.
    Everybody is rich here and no scarcity of money anywhere. It is very great to hear. But when we see the newspaper and read that the backbone of the country the Farmer is suffering and many are going to suicides, really I fail to understand what is happening in this country. Whom to blame and how to understand what is there in the beautifully appearing fruit before eating.

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    Although, I want to sound happy that every Indian can have a android phone, I am concerned that are we overdoing it?
    What we have forgotten is the smart mobile makers with smart marketing have made us get hooked on to these phones and now they are reaping their profits. Not long ago, to have a cellphone was a matter of prestige, now everyone including a maid or like Dr.Rao says even beggars have a cellphone. The cheap handsets, the free talk time, free internet all are way to get us more and more dependent on these mobiles. Every day, I come across people with two dual SIM mobiles in their hands, some have the craze to have the latest version of the mobile handset. Even students into middle school carry mobiles now. Almost every popular brand has set up their own retail outlets in many metro cities.

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