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    Increase of foreign tourists visiting India signifies ease of living in this country safely

    While many countries in the world are striving to have ease of doing business with other countries, India has gone step forward and established ease of living standard and that made many foreigners to make beeline to visit various places in India. From Jan to Nov 2017, 90.01 lakhs foreigners visited India and proves the safety aspects to the visiting guests. It may be mentioned here that India has been the 7th most sought after tourist destination and we stand 3rd in the Medical tourism visits. This is really good for the country. Have you seen foreigners visiting your city and town ?
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    There are many visitors that are seen in our place. Most of them are related to business-related travel and medical tourism. Few are genuine tourists. I am skeptical about the real reason some people travel to India because often there are reports of foreign nationals overstaying for too long, getting Aadhaar cards, involved in drugs, changing snatching gangs, and organ trafficking. We should make visitors welcome provided their presence and reasons are clear. We should not make it too easy or be too lenient in terms are ensuring the monitoring of 'long stayers for other countries.'

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    I have seen many foreigners visiting Hyderabad. Many of them are coming for establishing business links with the existing manufacturing units for supply of some components. Under set off policy, The Government of India insists the foreign companies whoever wins a tender for supply defence should place for at least 30% of the order value on Indian companies. Under this scheme, many companies want to have relations with Indian Companies. They all feel very happy with our southern food and they will never forget to have Hyderabadi Biriyani during their visit to this place. I have received many of them on behalf of our company and spent a good time with them. Many of them really like our country and our food. While taking them to our factory on the way we used to purchase Guava fruits and wash them with mineral water and then used to eat those fruits.
    always confident

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    I have seen many foreigners in Mysore and Hampi. Especially in Hampi, there are plenty of foreigners. Hampi being a historical place, they say they have come based on that interest. But as natarajan said, in Hampi foreigners are mostly involved in drugs.

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    India has many wonderful tourism places which are visited by many people around the world. India has a rich culture in different areas and it reflects our country's unity in diversity. Tourism is one of the major income sources for the Indian economy. There are many instances of mishaps such as foreigners getting attacked by local goons. One recent incident is that a Swiss couple was attacked by peddling stones at them by the local goons in Fatehpur Sikri. Such incidents will bring dishonor to our country as well. Although such cases are rare one mole is enough to mask up all the good that happened.

    Other instances such as drug abuse can happen but even this is kept in check intensively by Indian police.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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