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    Is Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" scientifically wrong?

    The Darwin's theory of Evolution states that all life came from few kinds of organisms through natural selections. This is an accepted theory all over the world. The Minister of State for Human Resource Development feels otherwise. The minister while speaking in "All India Vaidic Sammelan" at Aurangabad in Maharashtra said that the theory of evolution of the man by Darwin is scientifically wrong. Even though he did not offer any scientific proof, he said that none of our ancestors had said or written about the evolution of a man from ape and there is no witness of the same. He said that this Darwin's theory should be removed from the textbooks. What is your say in this regard?
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    There is nothing wrong in opposing a scientific proof, provided the same is supported by another scientific explanation. Any scientific truth can be disproved when new theoretical explanation with scientific support is put forth. But just reporting some story and stating that a scientifically proven theory is wrong is not science. It is story telling. These days there are several such baseless statements that are made misinterpreting the same as science.

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    Evolution states that life arouse spontaneously from non living matter . Scientists speculate about the existence of molecules that preceded genetic material as we know it today. These molecules are supposedly more likely to arise spontaneously from inert material which is self replicating . Yet , science has not found any evidence that such molecules ever existed . After decades of research and development in virtually all branches of science it remains that life comes only from pre existing life .
    Hence evolution can be proved incorrect .

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    Just as a person can learn about an artist from his artwork , we can understand the qualities of the creator from his creations .Such intricate designs in nature would not evolve on its own just as a building can't be built without a builder . An example is the monarch butterfly which has a brain that is only about the size of a tip of ball point pen .Yet it has the ability and skill to migrate some 1800 miles from Canada to a forest in Mexico , using the sun to navigate .
    Such a small butterfly has this amazing capacity , so that would lead us to think of the creator who gave us all life .

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    In India in the guise of freedom of expression people resort to put forth their point of view with loud voice and that does not affect the established notion and people wont forget the basics of Darwin theory and that would stay as long as this world exists.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would ask such people to remove religion once from their mind for just once in their life think logically.
    And who even said that evolution of man isn't in epics? Why are monkeys called vaanar in India ? Because they look like nar- man.
    Greeks thought the same. Egyptians and Mayans revered them as gods and so did the Chinese. There is a saying in China, " Monkey is a smart person".

    It is just the Abrahamic beliefs that are too stubborn to see the truth. And the rest of the world never saw monkeys, so the given examples are it.
    Ancient man always thought of monkeys as a contemporary and a distant relative.

    And Darwin's missing link was already found in 2009. That special species thoroughly connects the evolution in a line.

    Darwin's theory is no longer just a theory. Its an inescapable truth.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Science will be coming out with new theories and they will be explained based on some scientific facts and truths. Today a scientist will be making a theory and he will provide a full scientific explanation for his theory with examples and points. He will quote some other theories which he might have taken to support his theory. Some assumptions he might have made and he will explain the basis for his assumption. This is called science and Science theories will always be supported by many thoughts and systems. It is not history to write what you like and discard what you don't like and twist here and there. But in science, a simple statement saying that another theory is wrong is not at all acceptable unless otherwise, the person comes out with his own explanation citing other theories and how he made the conclusions. Otherwise, it is not science it may be a novel. The person says that one theory earlier proposed is wrong, it is his duty to explain how it was proved wrong or he should give a reference where it was proved wrong.
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    Before he uttered, there was a whatsapp rounded that there are some unresolved facts and one among them is if a man has come from monkeys and why monkeys still available?

    I hope he would be taken whatsapp as correct and would have uttered these I believe. Nowadays people believe whatsapp messages more than anything else and that is why there are many pranks going around and one among them most interesting prank is all 1st of each month is Sunday and everybody without referring or checking the fact just forwarded the message.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I am sure, he must have read it somewhere in alternative media which always barks against mainstream scientific facts etc. May be we are not born from Darwins theory or our evolutionary pattern might be different or we may have incarnated from some alien civilization, who knows for sure? If this minister knows anything worth, he should have mentioned.

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    Although some religious texts/verses have scientific proof or scientific accuracy, the evolution is nowhere properly explained in religious books, well scientifically. These men saying 'i have heard a story' are trying to live in stories as well. It is good to oppose a scientific theory with a good scientific reason, not with stories.

    Darwin's theory of Natural Selection is the most widely acclaimed theory to prove how every organism has evolved from nature. In order to oppose this theory, you should have immense scientific reason to do so not by saying cock and bull stories. Even the ancestors of various geographical areas of the world believed this even before Darwin has proposed this theory. They believed that life form transferred from one being to another and nature just balances the life. When ancestors have such knowledge of understanding the deep roots of nature I don't know why these men do the contrary.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    It is good to question what is accepted as a widely held fact or a theory but is this gentleman as learned enough to question something as big as the theory of evolution. Is he also holding the portfolio as Higher education minister? He has a M.Phil, MBA,MA and a PhD under his belt, so maybe he is good enough to take on Charles Darwin. Perhaps, one could argue that he could be right but common sense says that he needs more than the mere absence of such a record in our ancient texts.
    I presume you can question or test a hypothesis that Darwin could be wrong but this would need plenty of the greatest scientist and historians in the world to even attempt this Just imagine the number of people laughing when they read this unconventional statement. The good thing is, now whenever someone googles' Charles Drawin and theory of evolutaion, this minister's name also would come up.

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    Till today there has not been one shred of proof to prove evolutionary theory. Ape turning to man didn't happen just like that. It is supposed to have taken so many thousands of years. In such a case, there ought to be fossils of the in-between stages from ape to monkey. It has to be, as neither ape nor man live for that long to have the process done in one generation.

    All we found is various ape fossils, and various man fossils; nothing showing the missing link. According to the long interval of time for this evolution, there should be so many stages of evolution found in the fossil records. Of all the fossils supposedly to be the one missing link, several are fakes and exposed as such, And still, there is one 'missing link' Lucy is still being taught in schools as fact.

    According to evolution, there ought to be other in-between stages before the ape became established as a group. What was the previous version of the ape? For this also there is no fossil record. So scientifically Darwin's theory is nothing but a theory, even if very imaginative.

    As for the many people in the scientific community opposing this, you can be sure that they will lose their jobs/sponsorships/grants if they oppose this theory. This aspect is proved especially in the western countries. They have been fired. This is fact.

    It is definitely not 'politically correct' to speak against certain things. One of them is Darwin's theory.

    There are some great scientific minds in institutions like ICR – Institute for Creation Research; AIG – Answers in Genesis; and others who use their own funding to do research have put out their detailed versions. (Don't go to Wikipedia but to their own sites).

    In my own life I faced this in college exam. When asked to write about imperfections of geologic record, I wrote about the glaring gaps and inconsistencies taken from the various proponents of evolution. This was an open-ended question, and yet I was flunked because my answers were contrary to the brainwashing going on. I certainly enjoyed writing the truth even if it cost me half a year to repeat the course.

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    The thread asks a question: ''Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution scientifically wrong?'' The truth is that most of us don't know for sure. However, we have read in our Biology book that Darwin proved the theory of ''Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest''. However, many religious scholars of many religions vehemently oppose this theory.

    Satyapal Singh, a retired IPS Officer and a present MoS in present Central Government, may be one such person who doesn't believe anything without proper evidence. He could have acquired this habit during his long service period.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is really disheartening to listen such type of statement from the HRD minister who is the minister of such an important ministry. Being a minister, he is the custodian of constitution. The constitution asks every citizen of this country to develop scientific temper. The HRD minister who is an educated man seen refuting scientifically established theory on the basis of stories told by old people in his family. Every theory is challenge able but it should be refuted or established based on scientific data and facts.

    I was not expecting such statement from him. But, there might be a compulsion of the platform from where he said this. But I wonder he did not hear of Vishnu's Dashavtar from old people in his family. This depicts evolution of man from animals. I think he believes in adam and hauha (eve).

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    This is getting interesting. The MoS with PhD in Chemistry would have studied about attempts to create life in labs. There have been attempts to mix a bunch of chemicals at certain physical conditions to produce life. All they could produce was some amino acids, but NO life at all. That is what happens when anyone tries to question, prove, analyze many of the things we accept from our childhood days: the truth gets revealed. If he is teaching anywhere, it would be interesting to know how long he will continue now that he had spoken against a well-established lie. Perhaps being in the government he may be spared the demotion or dismissal from service.

    Evolution can be disproved by science itself. If they can't find basis to theories, they depend on circular reasoning to arrive at whatever results they needed. One break at one of these circular reasoning connections, and the whole theory tips over.

    Besides the Christian, Muslim and Hebrew faiths, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), otherwise known as the Hare Krishna movement also does not accept Darwin's theory.

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