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    Can any body give me an authentic answer for this question?

    Which is second longest beach of the world?
    Some sites says its Marina beach of Chennai whereas some sites says its Cox bazaar beach of Bangladesh. I am confused which answer should be correct and how to check the authenticity of this answer.
    If somebody knows answer Please also differentiate between the largest and longest beach by their names.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, Ninety Mile Beach in Australia is the second longest beach in the world and Cox bazaar beach of Bangladesh. is the second largest beach. Generally, the explanation for these two is as given below. The longest is the one which is having the highest length. and the largest will be the one which is having highest area. The same difference will hold good here also.
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    There is some confusion in the data available over the internet as apart from the two you have mentioned, the name of Praia do Cassino in Brazil also appears.
    The issue here I think is Marina beach is referred to as the second longest beach with an important qualification added as 'Urban beach" and a 'natural sandy beach'.
    This ranking depends on the area it covers and the popularity. Largest would mean the surface area, longest would mean unbroken length or stretch of the beach.

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    Most of the websites out there says Marina is the second longest beach in the world. The fact that distinguishes Marina among various other beaches is that it is classified as the longest natural sandy urban beach. When asked in general as the longest beach, it will point to Marina beach only. Other beaches which we see in google does not have the above tag. Longest points to the length of the beach without any break in it. As far as the largest beach is concerned, it is about the area of the beach.

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    Right from the ages it is always mentioned that Marina is the second largest beach in the world for its natural formation and the length which is now expanded further beyond than the Madras city itself. Now where in the world the beach is amidst the urban population and starts from the main metro. And main part is the reach of the beach from the main road. It is clearly one km or more from the main road and thus the sand which covers the beach all along the coast is the highlight and such kind of space may not be available to enjoy. Probably for that reason Marina has been recognised as the second best beach in the world.
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