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Did you participate in the unique e-book contest on the cuckoo clock? Check if your name is on the winners' list - and cheer the other winners too!
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    The Cuckoo Clock E-book contest - Winners

    Tick, tock, Tick, tock....Cuc-koo, cuc-koo...we now announce the winners of The Cuckoo Clock e-book contest!

    Out of the 11 participating authors, the jury has selected two for each of the first, second and third prizes. They are -
    1. First prize winners of Rs.200/- and the virtual gift of the certificate of creativity: Neethu and Suman Sahu.

    2. Second prize winners of Rs.150/- + virtual gift of appreciation: Natarajan and Srimathi.

    3. Third prize winners of Rs. 100/- + virtual gift of fresh flowers: Jignesh and Saji.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Other participating authors will also be given additional points & cc based on the quality of their entries.

    If you wish to give any suggestions for future such e-book contests, you may do so in this thread, which will be kept open for one more day only, until 22nd January.
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    Congratulations to all the cuckoo clock contest winners and the participants. A great start from Neethu. Thanks to the ME for the concept.

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    It is good that the results are declared for the ebook contest. My congratulations to all the winners in the contest. The contest was conducted very nicely without any controversy and my congratulations to the ME for conducting the contest in a good way.
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    Congratulations to the proud owners of the latest e-book contest. I am simply amazed by the creative abilities of all the participants. A really good story has been developed by the eleven contestants.
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    A very congratulations for the winners.
    I can't really take that someone can win ebook competition though. Because your imagination is lifted up by someone else's imagination. Right from the title to the climax, all imaginations interconnect to spin a good story.
    The entries showed how splendidly creative and imaginative we all are.
    But I genuinely thought that I would get a prize too. A little disappointed but I liked how the story went.

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    Happy to see my name in winners' list. This is the first time, I had participated in ISC's ebook contest. I was very much in doubt, whether I did my part abiding the rules of the contest. Hope I did so. Thanks for the recognition.
    Congratulations to all other winners from my end.
    My personal appreciations to all participants, you all amazed me with your creativity. At the end of each chapter, the story took different turns and every following author lifted the story to another level. I am super excited to be a part of this contest.

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    Congratulations to Neethu and Suman Sahu for getting the first prize in The Cuckoo Clock e-book contest. I also congratulate the second prize winners Natarajan and Srimathi and third prize winners Jignesh and Saji.

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    My best wishes and Congratulations to Neethu and Suman Sahu for getting the first prize in the Cuckoo Clock e-book contest which was exiting contest. I also wish the second prize winners Natarajan and Srimathi and third prize winners Jignesh and Saji for their wonderful contributions..
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    Hearty congratulations to the First prize winners Neethu and Suman, Second prize winners Natarajan and Srimathi and my co-winner for the Third prize, Jignesh! I thank the jury for finding my entry to be worthy of an award. I would like to register a word of appreciation for Vandana ma'am for having conducted the contest smoothly. The idea of suggesting an element has helped in keeping the storyline intact.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    Tick-tock-tick-tock. Hearty congrats to Neethu, Suman Sahu, Natarajan, Srimathi,Jignesh and Saji for winning the Cuckoo Clock-E-book writing contest.Tick-tock-tick-tock.
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    Congratulations to the first prize winners Neethu and Suman, Second prize winners Mr. Natrajan and Srimathi and the Third prize winners Me, Jignesh and Saji sir.
    I enjoyed participating in this contest and would like to participate in future also.
    The elements provided helped me to keep my creative thoughts in line.


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    Big claps to the winners of the contest and the organizer Vandana!
    My congratulations!

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    My heartiest congratulations to each winner. The contest was very creative and provided an opportunity to unfold the creative part.
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    Wow! I am glad to have won this contest for the third time. I congratulate all my dear co-winners and participants. Altogether, it was a wonderful contest which was right on track with the element introduced by Vandana. Heartfelt wishes to the jury and Vandana for their efforts.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the First, Second and Third prize. It felt good to see my name as the third prize winner. This was the first time I tried it out and enjoyed it as it was something different for me. I would also like to congratulate Vandana and other members of ISC for organizing the contest in a very nice way.

    By the way, each participant added their own spice to the story and I see it as a great team effort. So my congratulations go to all the participants.

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    My heartiest congratulations to all the winners.The very fact that I got an opportunity to take part itself was something new for me.Looking forward for more such opportunities.

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    Congratulate to all the winners their writings were well deserving, E-book contests are always interesting and creates enthusiasm although I am a little disappointed about not getting any prize this time, but I still enjoy to participate in these story writing competition and eagerly wait for such competitions.
    I would also like to suggest if more such contest is organized there can be the use of poll/or a like button or best answer by the member reading it and hence to judge the popularity of any chapters so that writers can understand whether their chapter is liked by readers or not.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the E-book contest. Everyone has contributed well with their creative line of thinking took it forward with a good beginning and the final chapter written by Ms.Vanadana was very nice.

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    My heart congrats to all the winners of the cuckoo clock e-book contest. Hope to see such more contests from ISC.

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