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    Ironies of Life: Grandparents unable to behold Grandchildren.

    Grandchildren are the treasures that Grandparents can adore in the remaining years of their lives. Troubled with issues related to mobility, illnesses and at times an unsympathetic family, their only solace is spending time with grandchildren.The joy, love, smiling faces and the affection shown by the grandchildren bring a fresh breath of life in their retirement days.

    With many people migrating within the country or working overseas for a better life, a better career, many grandparents are left alone with fond memories of the little ones. Now they have to wait for the holidays or family functions to see their grandchildren once a year or once every few years.

    Thanks to the internet and smartphones, at least they can speak to them, see their faces and short videos of them and be content. The little grandchildren bring back the memories of their own children and how they struggled hard to raise them.

    Every parent must at least make an effort to ensure that these elderly souls get a chance to spend time with their grandchildren which would fill their hearts with joy and happiness that any amount of bank transfers cannot.
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    It is very true. These days many people are getting migrated to the cities and getting settles there because of their jobs and children education. But the old parents are not able to leave their own houses and native places. So they are left alone. They are missing all the fun they can have with their grandchildren. Once in a while, they may go to the cities or grandchildren may come to the village but for a very limited time only. But the situation is still bad if the people are going to foreign countries. They may come once in two years are so and they will not have any attachment to their grandparents.
    As felt by the author a consolation is the virtual meetings on Skype or video calls that are available these days. These facilities are available these days even in villages also and hence they are able to see their granddaughters and grandsons and able to hear them.
    It is always advisable to have as much as possible association between grandparents and grandchildren so that they will have good memories.

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