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    Can the Government formalize Corruption?

    If there is one thing common to our nation and many others it is corruption. As long as I can remember, I have heard about corruption, what was in few tens and hundreds have now become few thousands to few lakhs or even more.

    Virtually any service sector you can think of ( politics, law and order, judiciary, healthcare, trade sector) has corruption, only the extent or shades of bribes change.

    Since we cannot abolish it, can we formalize it? Any citizen can pay or receive corruption but in the form of an accounted transaction (cheque, payTM, bank transfer etc).

    Whatever money is paid, it would be taxed. It would be converting a rampant system of exchange of unaccounted/black money into a manageable system of accounted money changing hands and the Government can have some idea of the magnitude of the problem. Who knows we can even find some ways to control it in the future.

    I know many would criticize this thread but let's see the views of other members, please.
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    Corruption is a crime. It is the duty of Executive, Parliament, and Judiciary to take action against corrupt people. Corruption can be slowly eradicated by the people only. When there is no one to bribe, there will not be corruption. The thinking itself of legalizing an illegal act is not good.
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    All illegal acts can be made legal so that we will do all legally only. But this is not the solution for avoiding unwanted ways and means. Illegal things should be stopped by hook or crook but legalising them is not the solution. This is what comes to my mind after seeing this post. Today government van makes the bribing in a format and decides on the rates. But tomorrow the person doing that work may expect more than what the government allows. Then they want it to be unlimited. And the time will go on deciding how much is the bribe. So this is not at all a viable thinking.
    Today the Government will formalise the corruption. Tomorrow the society wants formalisation of killing also. Let us decide on a price on that also. So it is never suggestable to legalise illegal acts.

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