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    Be who you are and not what the world is wanting you to be.

    We are always pressurised to follow our leaders and best people . We randomly follow them and want to gain success like them . But is that really required when you can put your own signature on your life .
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    Nice post from the author. Yes we often fail to evaluate our own strength and possibilities but give more time to ape others and in the melee we achieved more failures and little success. In this case I would like to cite the character and abilities of Lord Hanuman. He too does not know how powerful he is. Unless and until someone instigates his strength and profess he wont get ready, The weakness was due to a sin he had in the past. Nevertheless when Hanuman would be alerted that " He can", then he would gain immediate strength of great proportions and then do the allotted task with much ease. That is why instead of searching for the herbs required to treat Lakshman who was fainted at the battle field, he brought the entire Sanjeevi mountain to the battlefield much to the baffle of even Ravana's side ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you sir , for your reply. We always follow others rather than making the best of ourselves .

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    Being your own is always a better choice. No comparison with another person. No worries. How we can be with our own strengths and not expecting anything from others and not imitating others is the best possible option in the life. But many people try for various reasons the ways of others. Sometimes it may not suit our way but we may be forced to follow also. This is because of the ways of life. Everything is fast and no time to think or recollect. See somebody and duplicate it. Your work can be over very fast.
    Another point here is the human being is having a habit of comparison of himself with others. Here only the problems start. When he is able to do why not I? This is bringing in all problems and the starting point of all worries. As long as you don't compare yourself with anybody and go on doing your job it will be good for you.

    always confident

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    That is indeed true, thankyou sir.Not comparing ourselves with others can truly help us to be genuinely us .

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    Being oneself is good as long as we are productive with most good qualities that people look for. Many of us need or have a role model in life to whom we look up to. We want to be a successful businessman, a good actor or good politicians. It is good to have such people in mind who could be followed, it would be even better if we can be the leader ourselves. This needs a tremendous amount of self-confidence and maturity in life to be one's, own leader. This would take a long time because all of us or not born leaders, we slowly evolve via the hardships of life, hence people find it easier to follow someone who has tread the path before rather than set out on a new path. All of us cannot do it. We need the right education, opportunities and right ambitions in life to become a leader so that people will follow us.

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