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    Is the person who abused in front of girls do not respect girls?

    Today, society is confused between the words boldness and shameless. Shameless person is bold or bold person is shameless, I don't know. But a person who is bold do not bother about the society and I think the person who do not bother about the society, is living his life peacefully and will definitely get success.
    Some of the people thinks that a person who abused in front of girls do not respect girls, doesn't matter they themselves abused at the back of them but do not abuse in front of them. They think that girls are sex material and nothing else..but as they do not abuse in front of them, they respect girl. I personally have a thinking that a person who abused anywhere or who speak freely without thinking that it will hurt someone's feeling is one of the honest person...who will not cheat anyone at any cost. As he do not know to lie. Some of them think it is his weakness but I think it is his power.
    So, i think if a person speaks bad words to a girl, do respect the girl. As he is at least better than whom, who just be fake in front of them and hurt them after sometime. As he often say bad words to girl, but his intention is not bad towards her and have a equality between girls and boys and treat them equally.

    Some boys often says bad words to girls but do not scan them from head to toe.
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    Maybe true or may not be true. We can't generalise any issue like this. We can't say all people who are talking badly to girls are good at heart. The same way all the people who talk very politely are real in their approaches also. Carelessness is different from boldness. We can't be careless we are bold. We should always be careful at the same time we should be bold enough to face the life. This is the way you have to live. You may be good at swimming but unnecessarily you need not jump into waters always. Respecting other people talk about your manners. A decent man will always have a decent talk.
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    Hello sir, I am agree with many of your points but I am not agree with that decent people always have decent talks or decent talking person is always be decent person. As it may be possible that he / she is doing this to impress the person so that after some he/she can use that guy for his/her betterment.
    Today's generation are good actors they can act well and have a great talent in playing with someone's feeling.

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    I think the title and thread are open to being misinterpreted.
    If you go purely by the title, a person who is abused in front of girls or friends has a high likelihood that he would not respect girls and even may become a psychopath. There are examples of boys who are abused ( verbally or physically) by family or foster family in the presence of girls, who then grow up to have a disturbing attitude towards girls and other women.
    Coming to the thread, the author probably means that boys who change the way they interact or behave in front of girls have an ulterior motive even though they speak sweetly in comparison to boys who are start talkers and do not change their behavior and also have no ulterior ideas while interacting with girls. This would be possible for some teenagers or youngsters, it would be a task to impress the girls with false mannerisms.

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    What I feel that if a person does not bother about the society and lives in his own world is surely having the selfish motto. Though he is not a disturbance to the society, at the same time nor required at all as his feelings wont matter. Abusing in front of the girls or back of the girls is not the question. Why a person should be reprimanded in front of others ? If he is wrong, the punishment can be anything and in front of anybody. Honest persons speaks frankly without hidden agenda and they are liked by every one. And those persons having the habit of speaking filth language sometimes by the slip of tongue do speak bad words even in front of girls.
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