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    Most lethal Nuke capable missile hit big attention

    Our defense scientists have successfully conducted a pre induction test of the countries longest range nuke capable surface to surface ballistic missile Agni. The test was conducted on last Thursday 18th January.
    Agni V, deadly nuke capable 5000 Km range ICBM can hit targets anywhere in Asia and parts of Africa and Europe.
    Defense officials say that the missile followed its entire trajectory in a textbook manner, dropping three motors at predefined stages into the Bay of Bengal. Three warships tracked the missile and witnessed the final event.Canistarized version is ready for mass production and subsequent induction.
    This has irked China and said that the test was against UN Security Council rules and that it threatened to disrupt the strategic geopolitical balance in South Asia and they can't accept its production.
    If China can advance its military capability why can't India? What is your opinion?
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    When one country is enhancing its capability in one field what is wrong in following the suit by another country? Nothing wrong and it is a requirement also. When a neighbour is trying to have much capable ammunition but it doesn't want us to have the same. Is to be accepted? I will always say NO.
    Agni V is a real handy missile for India to shut the mouths of all other countries who are trying to beat you. DRDO has taken it as a prestigious project and the Agni I is already productionised and I have the privilege that I was a part of the production of this product for some time. Now, this AgniV is the new version wherein the range has been increased and successfully test fired. We all should congratulate the DRDO team for making such a wonderful time which will be a nightmare for many countries around us.
    Agni V is also added to the list of missiles we have for our army to fight our enemy countries.

    always confident

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    Congratulations to the Indian Defence services and the research wings. It's a day to be proud of for every Indian and a day to be concerned for our neighbors. I'm happy that India's image has transformed from a passive partner to a force to reckon in the current geopolitical environment.
    We should be peace-loving but be proactive in keeping up the pace of development of defense technology so that it becomes a deterrent for others who want to meddle with us. As long as we follow the No First Strike option, we would be well within our rights to develop our technology. Such periodic developments, strengthening the military capabilities needs huge resources and unity from all parties so that people perceive us as one and a strong nation capable of repelling or launching an attack. I think, whatever party is in power, the needs of the defense forces should always be met judiciously and not be allowed to take a back seat just for political reasons.

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    A huge applaud for the Indian Defence and hearty congratulations. I am so proud to be an Indian. China always has been a constant thorn in our side. It increases it's defenses, tries to occupy India at Indo - China border and justifies their actions. Probably they have the great technology than us and largest military personnel but India is also increasing and I bet many will step backward to face India in war. I hope and sincerely wish that no war happens not only in India but also elsewhere in this world. India was always a peaceful country and in the history of past 1000 years or more, India never invaded any foreign land. This itself proves that India has no intentions of waging a war on any neighboring country. India is strengthening its defense mechanisms and it is good to prepare for the worst.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Well India can also build hydrogen bomb but due unknown reason they don't do soo. It's not about who can build more big weapons but our country's situation needs to be considered as well.

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