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    This is called real love!

    He was her Professor. She was his student. Defying the objections from the families due to caste difference, they married in January, 1963. Even after the marriage, the groom encouraged and sometimes pressurised her to continue her study. She continued. After completing her Graduation, she studied MBBS, came out with flying colours and became a doctor in Railway. He continued to teach Botany at a Kolkata College.

    Time passed. The couple was very happy. But they were issueless. Both husband and wife were actively associated with many social services in north Kolkata. The wife even became the Chairperson of a Committee of Kolkata Municipal Corporation during the late nineties.

    However, the setback came 8 years ago. The lady started behaving in a different manner. She started forgetting basic things. Treatment started. The lady was found to be suffering Alzheimers' disease, which is incurable.

    Over the year, she stopped talking. She could not recognize anyone, except that old man who remained with her for last 55 years. She can't trust anyone. She is afraid of others. Only when his companion sits beside her, she remains quiet.

    After 55 long years, the man, now 83 years old Pabitrachitta Nandi, re-married his wife, Dr. Gita Nandi on 21st January, 2018. He did this as an effort to help his wife to get some comfort. He did this to enable his wife to remember the golden old days of their life.

    83-year-old Pabitrachitta Nandi has been trying his level best to fight against Alzheimer's disease of his 81-year-old wife Dr. Gita. Although the doctors could not show any ray of hope, the old man has been fighting with an indomitable spirit.

    This is called real love!

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    Really we should appreciate Dr.Nandi, for the efforts he is taking in keeping his wife to the possible extent normal.Alzheimers' syndrome, I heard about this disease. But I never have seen somebody having this problem. Even these days where the medical science developed so well is not able to find a cure for this disease. let the God help the Dr.Nandi, through his fight and be successful in finding a cure for this so that the next generation people will never forget these people and this will become a great service to the society. Another aspect of their life is they have no children. That is also quite sorrowful. I wish the attempts of the old man will be fruitful and they will have some peaceful time in their fagend life.
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    Such a beautiful story. Great and most loving effort a person can give by Mr. Pabitrachitta Nandi. I see the deep bond and love he has for his wife. I wish and pray to God that his struggles will pay off finally and his wife get's cured. Alzheimer's disease is a disease where neurons fail to produce neurotransmitter. 60-70% of the patients affected by this disease have dementia. Though this disease has no definitive cure, change of lifestyle, good diet, proper care, and love tend to decrease the progressive symptoms.

    The best cure for Alzheimer's disease is to recognize it in early stages and delay the progressive symptoms. Scientists and Doctors are working very hard to find the cure for this disease. I hope there will be a cure in the coming future and this will mark a revolution in the history of medical science.

    PS: Kindly edit your post and change the words from Alzheimer's syndrome to Alzheimer's disease. Syndrome and disease are quite different conditions and Alzheimer's is a disease (Abbreviated as AD) and not a syndrome.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Dr. Shashikanth: Sincere thanks for the information which was not known to me. I have edited my post accordingly. Thanks again.
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    She is blessed to have such a caring, devoted husband and the irony of the disease is that she doesn't even know about this. A truly moving love story. It is sad that the husband Mr. Pabitrachitta Nandi has to see his wife Dr.Gita Nandi, suffer. We should applaud his staunch love for his wife and he is still supporting her at the age of 83.

    Patients forget things and where they are, their surroundings and at times in the early stages, the can have few moments when they can be looking and behaving normally. At such times faith in God helps to tide over the remaining time.

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    Mr Partha, thank you for editing the post. I just want the post to be qualitative. Such a beautiful story needs to be error-free and that is why I have suggested you edit it. I appreciate you took my suggestion and did the same.

    Thank you and keep posting great content on ISC.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Yes you are right this is a real love

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