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    Once upon a time...or how will you start a story for a small child ?

    We all know that the children are the most fond of stories and they would bother the grand mother or their own mother to tell nice stories during the bed time and by listening to some stories they would sleep nicely. But how to start a story for the small child. Once upon a time phrase cannot be understood by him, or Once so and so lived will also be something not understandable to him. Then how will you start a story in a easy understandable way ? Please share your your creative best thinking that you are addressing a small child .
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    The stories the grandparents tell their grandchildren will be in their mother tongue. In each language, there will be a way to start the story. My grandfather used to start the story with "when I was a kid like you" and then continue. My grandmother used to start the story with " A man in village-like your grandfather". I was able to understand the stories they used to start and narrate like this.
    But these days I think kids may not like those stories. Probably we may have to tell about computers, smartphones etc. But not about olden days, kings and their daughters so on and so forth may not be liked by these people these days. We may have to go for some new stories related to these days functioning and working are may be required.

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    We can start the story starting with - Once upon a time....../ Long long ago......./ One day......./There was......./Do you know about........./Some years back..........
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    Children love stories and adults often pause and then start with an introductory phrase, like once upon a time, I think in their own mother tongues, they would understand the meaning of it. In Tamil, I've heard stories starting with,' In one village', 'In one school' 'One day'. I don't think we need to be very innovative about this beginning. Children of the current generation are much smarter and would need stories of Superheroes, Dinosaurs, IronMan etc. There are many read-along books with CDs they can narrate the story as the children turn the pages.

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