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    Do you believe in helping others?

    Some people are well off in this world but there are many who are struggling to get basic things in life. They are poor or orphan or deserted ones. Some are handicapped since birth and being in poor family were deserted and now living in orphanage.

    There are so many good people who time to time help the downtrodden by giving charity to an orphanage in cash or kind, donating old and used household items and things like that.

    Many people do not donate. They believe that people should work to get a livelihood. No one should get free help whatever poor he may be.

    What is your take on that?
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    What I feel that God created a striking balance by having people with good wealth but no health and on the other side people with no wealth but with good health. But it is the fact that many are struggling for the very survival of life because of basics not available to them. When we go to a orphanage, we can actually see the plight of those who are driver away from the life, not having peacefulness and over and above home sick. Yes there are good Samaritans amid us and they given donations not even known to the receiver. Such is the secrecy maintained. Why because there is a saying that the left hand should not know the deeds done by the right hand. But what I suggest that those who are earning good salary, they must spend part of it for mitigating the problems of the poor at least once in a while or at least on the birth day.
    K Mohan
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    With reference to your last sentence ', they should work to get livelihood' is true to a certain extent but not a compulsion. There are many orphanages with kids still struggling to get their daily food and clothing. But people who are capable of work find this way (getting donations) as a simpler meaning of earning their livelihood. The goodness in people is being misused. They can work but still do this job to get donations and live by that.

    A simple example is, a woman carrying a child in busy streets of cities relent to begging at traffic signals. As far as I have encountered, those women are strong enough (because they are capable of carrying those kids for hours) and those kids are never awake. So many times I saw them, they are always sleeping. I always wonder are those kids drugged? My point here is, you have a kind heart and you do donate when you can but will you donate to such ladies at traffic signals. No, I do not. Because they can work and they are also spoiling the kids' health by carrying them in heavy pollution. I also asked a lady once at a traffic signal, how old is the kid and is he sleeping? The woman immediately ran away.

    You can donate to orphanages by visiting them personally at least once in a month. We were once a social welfare organization where we used to collect funds for certain orphanages which we took up to get constant and steady donors every month. But as there is another side of the coin, the orphanage's MD has sexually abused one of the female kid and was arrested. We were so heartbroken by this. Although this didn't sway us away from helping other orphan homes, this was a serious setback in our journey.

    My opinion is, in this world, there are equal pros and cons. You find bad even in a good deed. It is up to you whether you want to help these poor or not. I would rather say, instead of giving money to a beggar who is hungry, buy him/her some food. Instead of donating a month's school fees to an orphan kid, talk to the school management so that they will either reduce the fees or completely uplift it. It all depends on how sincere and committed you are to help the needy. The plan of action may vary from person to person.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Yes, I believe in helping others but with dignity. Most of us would have dropped a few coins into the plate of a beggar. Dropping a few coins to me is like taking their dignity (whatever is left). Sometimes if you visit a temple, NGO premises or a social center, there would be people like you and me serving food, giving out clothes or giving them shelter. This is giving these poor people their dignity along with help.

    It often is for the poor and needy but it can be to the rest of the people also (not in cash or free food but other ways). Many a time it is not the rich always who help others, it would be an average human who goes out of his/her way to help the needy. For many who want to help, it starts and ends with donating money. Donating money is good but it is not as noble as participating actually in little acts and gestures that help poor people.

    Helping others should not stop with humans, it should also include the animals suffering in silence. The other day, I saw about 7-10 people all chipping in their valuable time in a busy street to fish out a little kitten that had fallen through a hole in the footpath into the drain. They had nothing in common, except a random single thought of helping that poor kitten with the mother anxiously darting in and out of the circle of people.

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    There is a saying in Telugu. Donation to undesired people is a sin. So everyone should donate but before donating we should see the eligibility of the other person to give that donation. You can feed food to anyone who visits your house around lunchtime. He may be very rich or poor, definitely everyone wants to have lunch at about 12 Noon. So whoever comes to your house around that time you please offer lunch. We in our house will do that definitely without hesitation. Out of 365 days at least 300 days, we will offer lunch to at least one outsider, it may be a relative, a beggar or our servant maid. Basing on my capacity in many of the temples I have visited, I donated money for free meals that are being served in the temple. All our old clothes will be given orphan homes which are nearby our house. I also give occasionally some money to the old age homes and orphanages. For NGOs, l donate a little every year. I always feel that we should help the needy as much as possible for us. But not to the people who can earn and but try avoiding the work. One day a middle-aged beggar who is appearing healthy came on begging to my house. I told him that there is some waste lying in my house, you please carry to the end of the street where there is a dustbin and throw it there and I told him that I will give Rs.25/-. But he said that he can't carry that waste. The weight is less than even 5 Kg. Such kind of people we should not donate, I think.
    always confident

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    In Tamil there is a saying,'mun kai neelamal kuzhanthai neelamaana?' which means if your palm is not extended no elbow will get extended. Similarly if we are helping others or interest to help others we make ourselves unfit to expect help from others.

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    Yes, I like helping others. Charity, donations are the ways in which we can help others. I also want that when I start earning well I will help poor people. I remember in 11 or 12 standards we read a story of two poor children in English one of them wants to study but he didn't have money and also there was no school in his village, a lady promises him that she will start a school in the village but she didn't start it was her fake promise and the other child wants to get a good job and a person promises and fulfil it. So there is two type of people in this world.
    Helping poor can also be of small scales such as giving them food to eat, clothes to wear, way to earn money, providing their children notebooks and books.
    I believe that helping with 2000 to poor will come to us in return of Rs 2,00,000. So if you are really of the great heart start helping others.

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    Helping others is something that we must do as a habit. We should not be prompted to help others. It must be second nature to us. We do not have to be rich in order to help others. We can help with whatever little resources we have.

    Having said that I also believe that charity is a very personal matter and must not be discussed on the forum. It is not something that we must boast of. Doing so takes away the element of 'goodness', from the act of giving.

    In his response (#623831) Mohan has referred to a saying about the left hand not knowing what the right hand does. I would like to inform him and the others that the saying comes from The Holy Bible and is part of the Sermon on the Mount which Christ gave. It describes how one must act when giving charity –

    "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth" – Mathew 6:3
    "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father in Heaven, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." - Mathew 6:3

    Let us each do our bit, in our own little way. We cannot change the world or help everyone, but if we can change even one life, touch one soul, we have done our bit. Let's not be concerned of how rich the others are and if they are helping the needy. It is our little acts of kindness that add up.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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