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    Here is my say of apology to a public person (VIP).

    Being a common man, we are free to discuss many things personally and nowadays there are many online portals of dailies, magazines, forums etc about various happenings in and around.

    But sometimes it may be wrong on our part that we may not exactly the situation or practice elsewhere region. One such thing happened is this and I realised recently and hence I would like to say my apology to this person.

    In Karnataka, when Rahul Gandhi opened Indira canteen, he said Amma canteen and every where the criticism started that he had uttered slip of tongue and also congress has copied from Amma Canteen of Tamil Nadu and even I have joined in the discussion happened somewhere. But recently when I have come across with people of UP, in villages they say mother as 'ma' and grandmother as Amma and hence naturally he has referred Amma for Indira Gandhi.

    Recently also during the year end there are many e-portals consolidated the various fun of Rahul Gandhi during the year 2017, they have included this and after reading this, I wanted to say this.

    Members may also come with such interesting things happened to them personally or with any public incidents.
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    When some words have double meaning and reference were made to that contest, there may not be apology or sorry to be said. When he is in South, Rahul Gandhi must behave and utter the words connected to South India so that his followers would also be impressed. By saying Amma Canteen he did refer to Indira Gandhi and we have mistaken to Jaya. Never mind it is the mistake on the part of Rahul Gandhi and we have followed him with that slip of tongue and we need not give much credence to such happenings. For that matter the printing media is having field day every day with cartons lamenting on his every move without any apology or so.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    With many diverse languages across India, it is quite common to misunderstand what a person intends to tell. And when a famous personality like Rahul Gandhi did the same, it was misunderstood by people of Karnataka that he was implying to Jaya Lalitha as the word Amma is generally referred to her. And to be honest he was not mentioning his grandmother Indira Gandhi by the word Amma. He slipped the word and its true.

    I am from Telangana State and my mother tongue is Telugu. In Telugu the word Amma means mother. Even the same word has different meanings in different languages. Whether Rahul Gandhi knew what the word Amma means or not but he uttered in a wrong place (in my modest opinion). He is not from UP and I guess he doesn't know what it means. He is born in New Delhi and has never been to UP or any other northern states (as a part of living or education) with which he can be familiar with different dialects of Hindi or any other language. He was homeschooled because of threat from Sikh extremists and later he moved to Harvard and so on.

    It is very polite of you apologizing to him and I appreciate your humble action.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Our country is a unity in diversity model country. Different types of people, different languages, different cultures and different habits. So for a leader it is really a difficult issue to refer the words belonging to that area. If he uses a different word we will be understanding that word differently. This is natural and the program credit has really will go to Jaya only if AMMA word is used as the area people understand their language only but not the leader's language. This is the real problem if the leader is not conversant with the local language.
    It is your modest nature which is reflecting in your saying sorry to the leader. Generally the leader's speech will be made ready by a person who is very conversant with the language in the area where he is touring. In that particular speech what had happened we may not know exactly that resulted in this mistake.

    always confident

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    Glad to see you back here. With the advent of social media,such discussions and mocking are common these days. Don't worry Rahul too understood politics and he is eagerly waiting to be known as Anna (Bhayya) of everyone and wants transformation from 'Munna'. All are not Sunny days for the rulers and he is waiting for his turn!


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    Though he is born and brought up at Delhi we cannot neglect the fact that they(generations) attached to UP (even few days before he had been to Raebareli.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    There was some other confusion also, he's said to have mentioned in every city of Bangalore, nobody should go hungry. Such slips of tongue keep happening genuinely and also inadvertently when they talk from memory or from a piece of paper. If you or I make such errors we would not be noticed much or discussed much. Since it's a leader who's had uttered this everyone has noticed and are making fun of it. More important to notice is the fact that you have raised an apology, that speaks a lot about you.
    In Karnataka, it was/is common practice to refer to Indira Gandhi as Indiramma, it's a way of adding respect to the person they are referring to in the conversation.

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