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    Better hope for us in a world full of hate and destruction.

    Our world is full of hate , destructions and sufferings . We have wars, diseases , tears and sorrow all around us . We all want to live in world without such sufferings , a world of peace and a world without sorrows. What is your hope about future?
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    Better world without any hatred among the people, rivalry among the people and wars between the countries is what I expect in the future. The future of the world will be full of contentment and satisfaction, I hope. This world should become a cordial place for the human beings to stay on . The life of the human should be without any worries , sorrows and diseases in this globe and there should be a relation between the people on the positive side. Then the entire globe will,be a place which is Ideal for a person to stay. I hope definitely we will achieve 50% of the desires mentioned above at least.
    always confident

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    But would that be possible if humans themselves rule the world ? . Wouldn't they commit the same mistakes?

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    Firstly I want to point out a spelling error in this thread which can completely change the meaning of this thread, In the second line which is "we all want to leave in world without suffering" instead of it you should write "we all want to live in a world without" because both these sentences convey entirely different meaning. And I think you mean the second one.
    Now coming to your question as far as my opinion is I am very optimistic about the future and believe that though there are wars, destruction, and many other problems are going out there in some of the places of the world but that doesn't make the entire world unliveable there are still many places which everyone want to see and dreams of and I think one should live for those dreams, not for the destruction. Even during the times of second world war when there was holocaust and the Jews suffered a lot they still found the reasons to be happy in small things so why we couldn't after all situations are not that worst.
    So for me, future will be bright and will depend on the way
    one perceives it.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Sorry for the mistake . I meant "live ". Thank you for sharing it though.

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    What the author states is very true, if you open a newspaper or watch a news segment, all we hear often is about the senseless destruction, meaningless loss of valuable lives, inhuman atrocities and insatiable greed for power and money which makes some people behave worse than animals. We have to struggle to read or hear a piece of good news. In future, I hope it would be the other way round, we should be struggling to find pieces of bad news.
    As humans, we would feel hatred, jealousy, anger, fear etc but it should not affect others. The concept of tit for tat does not work in the long run. I would also like to see help being extended to people who have had the misfortune of being born poor. The gap between rich and poor should get narrowed. More importantly, the abuse of women and children should be dealt with firmly. Man and mankid should develop in a way that everyone benefits and not only a handful of rich people.

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