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    The cryonics technology - can the dead be brought back to life?

    Cryonics technology is the low temperature preservation of people who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine with the hope that they can be restored to full health in near future . They have told that these people can be brought back to life in 10 years . Will that ever be possible?
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    All these are expectations. This Cryonics technology is in its initial discovery stage. I hope it will become reality. The technology may become a reality in the coming days. This will give a good impact on the human life and the average life of a person will increase with this. The chances of bringing back the person to life back are high as per the available reports. There is no limit to the thought process of the mankind and their brains can do miracles. There is no end for the inquisitive nature of the human being and it can go to any extent and bring many impossible to aspects to possible state.
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    In theory yes. In practical there are several limitations.
    One would be, it is immensely expensive.
    The process is also just in the experimental stage so possibility of a failure or accident is great.
    Moreover one must be really crazy to leave behind his aging relatives and friends and greedily go after immortality.

    We can preserve the organs and keep them functioning by lowering the metabolism. But an hundred year sleep or even a decade in sleep will adversely affect the person physiologically and psychologically.
    Organs can fail due to a trauma. The years in sleep, you weren't in contact with the world around, so you wouldn't be immune to any new diseases.

    A constant care and curating is necessary while an individual is cryogenically preserved.

    I'm strictly against it. Because this might cause a mutation in a person and this trait will pass on to future generations who might be able to perform feats like suspended animation and hibernation naturally.

    You shouldn't mess up with natural design.

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    That response was quite good indeed . I also think that we must not mess with the natural design .

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    This is happening now partly, Cryonics is used to create life 10 years later. for instance, sperms or eggs or embryos (earliest life form of humans) can be frozen and re-used 10 years later. Stem cell banking is another example of saving lives in the future using cells of today. It is being done in India also wherein as soon as the baby is born the umbilical cord blood is used for stem cells that are stored for remote use later on to cure many diseases. So, what the author has mentioned is many steps ahead of what is being done now and maybe a reality in the future.

    As Aditya has mentioned and also as in the Jurassic Park movie, Man should not mess with the supreme being, we may be able to tinker with stalling death or even cheating it in the future but death in man's life cycle was something that we planned or formulated it. It would be a multimillion-dollar program with ethical, and financial issues. Who gets the right to decide who is brought back to life. What is the legal, social status of that person etc?

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    We have more than enough problems with existing huge population.
    Then why you want to bring all the dead back?!

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    Cryonics technology seems to be interesting as there are every possible of dead people getting lease of life once again if preserved properly. That means we are going against the wishes of the God who have destined each one of our lives for a particular period and task and after which the death occurs. No one can change he fate of the persons which was pre determined and these technology may be interesting and even inducing, but no one can go against the nature and the wishes of God. So I feel the new technology may be failure at the first instance itself and there are every chance of population boom.
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