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    Have you seen and understood the first interview of this year of PM Modi on a news channel ?

    Times Now television has interviewed our Prime Minister Modi two days back and the telecast has been happened even repeatedly in bits. The questions asked were from varied subjects and the PM has given elaborate answers. Out of all the question I liked his reasoning and answer for the GST question to which there was a uproar from Congress and other parties in Parliament. He said that GST was made finally happening only with the consent of 33 parties and with a long deliberations for seven full years and with larger consent only the act has been passed. And he further said that there every possibility to fine tune the act with feed back from now and then. Have you listened to his interview and what were your reactions ?
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    I have not heard or read so far. Now after seeing this thread, I am thinking of going through the same. in general, our PM will always be on the subject and very reasonable answers will come from him. As he said GST is enforced after the consent of almost all the parties. So there is no point in talking about one party on this issue.
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    I did not see the interview, though I saw the advertisement announcement about that.

    Bu I shall touch the part in the thread:
    "GST was made finally happening only with the consent of 33 parties and with a long deliberations for seven full years and with larger consent only the act has been passed. ":

    There is definitely truth in what Modiji said about GST. The idea was mooted by the previous NDA government headed by Vajpayee in 2000.
    Interestingly the task to do the spadework and design a model was entrusted to Asim Dasgupta, the then Finance Minister of West Bengal, a CPM man. In 2004 when ManMohan Singh came to power, the GST committee under Dasgupta was allowed to continue. Mr Chidambaram who was the FM in UPA-I govt pledged to implement GST and fixed a deadline April 1, 2010 to roll out GST. (politicking on the subject prolonged the matter and resulted that deadline was not met).The subsequent finance minister Pranab Mukherjee approved the GST structure developed by Dasgupta.
    A bill was introducd in Parliament in 2011 for paving way for GST.

    After Dasgupta, it was K.M.Mani, then Kerala Finance Minister(of Kerala Congress) who headed the GST committee in 2011 and continued the work left by Dasgupta to finalise the bill. Mani was able to consult and get consensus from all parties and players involved. However he had to resign in 2015 due to political developments in his home state involving a corruption case.

    By then Modi has become the Prime Minister and Arun Jaitley the finance minister. Amit Mitra, the FM of West Bengal was made head of the GST committee. Though Mitra developed some cold feet later on, it was he who brought consensus from all the states to implement the GST . Jaitley fixed the deadline first to April 2016, and then to July 1,2017.
    The bill of 2011 was revised and after due process of consulattion in various parliamentary committees and consensus from states and political parties,the GST bill was passed by Lok Sabha in March 2017. Rajya Sabha also passed it and then it was only implementation matters.

    However we cannot deny that by then there were enough and more political tug-of-war by the political sides and some patch up and compromises.

    The truth being so, each political side interprets and claims differently as per their need and convenience on this matter.

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    I have seen parts of it, it good that the PM has conveyed the message that he wants people to ask him about development and other programs done for the country. he has also given out a statement that his/party's agenda for the country is not for the party benefit but for the country. He has also hinted that he is not against congress but against dynasty politics. Overall,it sounds genuine and he looks better and sounds more confident that during the Gujarat election rally speeches. Regarding GST both sides claim that their role is greater in the implementation of it. The parts I have watched conveys a picture that things are better than what is portrayed out in sections of the media.

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    The Prime Minister has recently given two interviews, one to Zee TV and another to Timesnow. The interviewers did a good job. They asked probing questions but did not heckle or disturb him by constantly interrupting him. The Prime Mister also spoke in detail about his plan, programme, dreams and aspirations. Bother the interviews were good; these were free from 'masaala'.
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    Well i am not interested in watching same old interviews. We saw his dozens of interviews and man ki baat etc. As you mentioned he said 33 parties give consent to GST. Well i say, Mr Modi knows how to take credit, if everything goes smooth but if there is problem, he says its all party decision. Like If GST is causing/hurting economy, he is like putting its responsibility to everyone including congress.
    Actually he should have said like this GST is implemented by BJP government and as prime minister it's my responsibility to rectify it. All losses will be bear by government pocket.

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    Who can explain me the rant?

    1. 'Well i am not interested in watching same old interviews.'-Old interviews!
    2. 'We saw his dozens of interviews and man ki baat etc.'-Is ''Maan ki Baat' interview?
    3. ''All losses will be bear by government pocket.''-Has our Prime Minister said this?

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    Well Mr partha, this post is neither started by you and nor my response is not targeting you. Whether we post agreement or disagreement on particular matter, its individual decision. Every person in this country has right to have and post his views and it's Free country.
    For point 3: I expect my prime minister to say like this "If GST (any decision) is wrong or causing some hurdles, He should take full responsibility of that decision. i expect the losses occur due to gst should be bear by government and government should increase NPA by increase jobs in various sector. "

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    "government should increase NPA by increase jobs in various sector. "-Government should increase NPA! Should I laugh or cry?
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    I just wanted to remind you that "if you don't understand something, you can always contact to member by message system of ISC with url. This was already told by our managing editor to us. Also, we shouldn't poke other member by some personal statement. I hope members understand this that thread shouldn't derailed".
    Well every state in this country is running on debt. Maharastra has largest debt in this country. Similar manner every state can certain amount loans as every year. for example M.P. has debt of 1.5 lakh crore and it can take 23,000 crore loans per year and it has already taken 12,000 crore loans. Well loans always is not bad thing, as long as you have capacity and growth rate to manage it. Maharastra is most promising destination for businesses. So, some bad loans can be termed as NPA. NPA is non performing assets. I just said above "Our government should increase NPA by increase jobs in various sector" i mean government has capacity to do things as country take loans, give jobs one million or 2 million individuals in India, I am not expecting 2-5 crore jobs. In this manner government has to increase it's expenditure.
    Well i saw various companies did that without any noise. As a small companies which have profit less than 100 crore last year and which is increasing head count by 700-1000 individual by reducing it's profit by 30-40crore is clear indication that job sector is not good in India. Every company want better results yoy basis. If smaller companies are doing it, we expect government a lot.
    Currently India is in better state as compared to India was Ex prime minister Indira gandhi and Ex prime minister Lal bahadur shastri. We all know Indiraji did bank nationalization. Due to this bank reached to villages. Various RRB (rural bank) was setup to encourage our economy. Huge number of jobs were created. Actually private bank always did business in profitable places like cities.
    Recently 2G cases where UPA took policy decision to make mobile calling available to every individual at low cost. We all know how costly mobile calling was in year 2000. To reduce prices and for people UPA took policy decision. Unnecessarily Media and opposition party like BJP created this issue on that termed as 1.76 lakh crore scam. If we sell Spectrum at high rates. "how we expect mobile phone calling should be cheaper?" Today's low cost calling is also due UPA decision and 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G is coming smoothly.
    So, our government has to take decisions for benefit of every individual. Reality is bank, railway, central government services, state government sector, school/colleges even judiciary all have millions of jobs vacant. Well they are even delaying thousands jobs ssc and on the top of that Government is delaying pensions of huge number of employees etc

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