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    Subhash Chandra Bose- Prince among the patriots.

    Today is the 121 birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. Gandhiji in 1942 referred to Subhash Chandra Bose as "Prince among the Patriots". He was one of the most prominent freedom fighters in the independence struggle of India against the British. Founder of the Indian National Army. Subhash Chandra Bose is fondly known as "Netaji". Let us all pay our respects to this great freedom fighter on his 121 birth anniversary.
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    Just now I was passing through the cross roads near my house, where in the leaders assembled to pay floral tributes to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary. Surely on seeing his statute what the author said is right. He looks elegantly handsome in his Military attire and at the young age he has been a inspiration for the youth to join the army and serve the nation. It is the fact that we cannot find a youth figure his stature in present politics and that is the reason being his birthdays are celebrated with great interest among the youth. On his 121 st birth anniversary I also offering my respects to the great soul.
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    Today is Netaji Jayanti. It is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birthday. It is celebrated in the light of his patriotism for the country as 'DeshPrem Divas' on 23rd January. Today it is a public holiday in West Bengal, I think.
    Today morning while coming to office in my vehicle, on FM station it was also mentioned that today is the Desh Prem Divas. All the songs played are about patriotism only. A real leader who struggled for the freedom if India. He was rightly called by Mahatma as "Prince among the Patriots". A youth Icon and a very attractive figure with a very bright glow on the face. I join all others to pay my respects to this great man of India on his 121st birth anniversary.

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    Who am I to say anything about the Greatest of the Great? On his birth anniversary, I would request all Members to read two books written by Anuj Dhar on Netaji. These two books are: 'India's Biggest Cover-up' (released in 2012) and 'What Happened to Netaji' (released in 2015).

    My heartfelt respect to Netaji.

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    Our respects to this great leader of Indian Indepedence on his 121st birht anniversary. Netaji had a vision of fighting Biritsh with force and support from Japan and Germany.

    As part of the Azad Hind concept, stamps were designed and printed in Germany in 1943. These are beautiful stamps commonly referred among collectors as 'Azad Hind' Cinderella stamps (not for legal postal use). I particularly like the design with India being shackled by chains that is broken in one place. Will try and post some pictures of what I have later this evening.

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    My respects to this great son of India.During my schooling, I read his famous saying " give me blood and I will give you freedom" He chose a different path than the path of Gandhi. He was a committed patriot. His whole life and death surrounded by lot of controversies. Some political parties tried to use his sacrifice for their advantage.

    He used the slogan " Jai Hind" for greeting in his Indian National Army. Later on it was used by Nehru on national occasions. Now this is our official slogan.

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    There has been so much written about him and we know what kind of leader he was. The history and future of India would have been different had he not get protested by Gandhiji.

    My head bow down in front of such charismatic leader and the Gem of our country, Netaji.

    "Long Live Netaji"

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    Despite name-calling, innuendoes, disinformation/misinformation campaigns, neglect and spying on his family-members, Netaji is remembered by the people of the country. This proves the greatness of this gallant freedom-fighter of the country.
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