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    YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wants to support BJP if it promises special status to AP ?

    As the election to AP assembly is nearing , there has been talks within the political parties and also other parties as to who is strong and who can be the contender to win the seats in AP. For BJP it has been see saw relations with TDP as the BJP failed to give special status to AP as promised. Now that agenda has been taken forward by YSRCP headed by Jagan Mohan Reddy and said that his party is not averse to support BJP if the PM Modi inks the special status to AP. That seems to be interesting politics as AP CM Chandrababu Naidu failed to impress the BJP and not having cosy relations.
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    YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a man with an eye on CM post since long. He will not leave any stone unturned to become the CM of Andhra Pradesh. He will be ready to take anybody's support in that pursuit. BJP has to think about supporting him in the coming elections. They may have to put conditions to support him not he to BJP. That is the present Status. I don't think BJP will never go to that party for friendship leaving a seasoned politician and a very sincere and hard worker, the present CM, Chandrababu Naidu.
    If Mr Jagan really wants to develop the state he should release an agenda of his party in bringing up the state deceived by the Congress party and trying to get up and run under the able guidance of Chandrababu. His agenda will clearly speak what is the policy he is going to adopt for the development of the state.
    Otherwise, people may not believe his words as they have the experience with their party earlier.

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    Yes, it is another immature political reaction of the young leader from AP. This man is always in a hurry and can't cope up with the strategies of the experienced politician like Chandrababu Naidu. Both TDP and BJP are partners in NDA and there is no necessity for him to say at this moment as their honeymoon is still on. Though his comment was conditional saying that BJP should give Special status to AP, people would always be trying to read in between the lines and his interview with national media caught the attention of everyone.

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    Actually BJP is eyeing for two southern states with YS Jagan support from AP and compelling DMK to side with it in TN as token of having relieved from 2 G scam.
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    This is common in Indian politics, everyone who has some seats but cannot have a majority start posturing and put up their demands if they were to have a good alliance. This also allows the leaders to use it as their trump card during election campaign announcing that he has stood the state and in the interest of the people of AP and got a special status which others could not do. Such alliances keep shifting and show the main reason for joining hands with a party. The BJP would keep its options open because it can make its way in the southern states ( AP, TN, and Karnataka) if it plays its cards well. It would be interesting to see whether BJP changes its stance of support.

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