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    Cannot digest when seeing people behaving like this

    One of my close relative(aged 65 years)who by intending to have privacy last his parents soon after his marriage (28 years back) now annoying himself that no relatives are contacting him or visiting his house till date.By word of his wife he did not invite any relatives to his house,not attending any function or marriage as both of them employed and found no time. Now as both of them are free and retired. Above all they have children and they require persons now.
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    Irrespective of what they did in past, they are in need of care and love. They are elderly people and respect them for that. It is very sad to see such situations even in normal houses. Some children leave their parents in old age homes as they think them as a burden or they think that they can't care for them. It is very sickening to believe that the people who cared you, nurtured you and made you what you are now are unable to get simple care and love. People who leave their parents alone or who leave them at old age homes should think that how their kids will treat them once they become old.

    These days there is no place for compassion except for money. People will give an excuse that they didn't have time because they are busy with their work. That's a very lame excuse a person can give to spend time with the family. Such people always have time for everything but not family. I feel where the world is going sometimes by seeing or listening to such stories. Saddens me a lot.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    A nice post. As a person in the society, we require some people who will care for us. Especially in our old age when we are alone we will look for somebody we will at least hear. There is a saying in Telugu which means even a gold plate requires the support of the wall to stand. You may have everything with you but at least you require 4 people to see you on the burial ground. So we should maintain good relations with our neighbours, friends and relatives. Otherwise, nobody will come to our rescue. You may be very busy with your business and you may not find the time. But you should keep good contacts. You have to visit once in a while your relatives and you have to invite them to your house and maintain good rapport with some people on whom you have faith and you believe. Otherwise when really a need comes no one will be helping you. So we should have a good family and we should maintain good relations with our near and dear. Money alone can't take care everything in this universe.
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    This happens with some relative who seem to think of us only we can be useful to them. At an young age, when life is going well, we are full or energy and health, some of us have little time to think about our extended families and relatives. I can understand with both of them working and running the family, it would have been difficult to find time for family weddings, naming ceremonies etc.

    Now, both have retired, suddenly find time at plenty, at 65, boredom catches up and I think, he is repenting for the mistakes. I think, as we age, we tend to give up the grudges and forgive people. Hence, you or others close to them can mend the relationships now and have a pleasant company now. Who knows, you might even become good friends and support each other at times of need. It would be disheartening to find oneself in such a situation being alone, more so when illness or disability strikes people at this age.

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    This type of attitude happens to those people who remember people only at the time of need and do not care about other people's thinking.
    Relations are created and maintained with love and care, then only they can be nurtured with affection. Then only others will remember us if we help them in need. We play a role in their life just by being with them in their sad moments. Then one could conquer other's hearts. These are the ways good relationships are maintained with everyone.
    Some people are so much occupied with their work that they do not care even about their family members. Such people need a proper response from others about their so-called selfish behavior.

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    This has been happening in almost every family wherein people would live a aloof life not to be disturbed for the time being , they become selfish with their earnings and living style, and when it comes to need and people start asking about relations and others, they then realise the great mistake they done. My father side relations were maintaining a distance from the beginning and as and when any death occurs only we are informed about the matter as a courtesy call and thus our children are totally not aware of any one and in fact I have not seen all of them. Now our generation is going to be over and our children may not mingle or meet. So this kind of situation is there in every family. However people started feeling that living alone is the sin and one has to mingle and be as a part of family though maintaining the distance.
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    I firstly congratulate the author for such a wonderful post. Now, what actually happens in the society that after marriage son forgot parents for his wife. For his new relation, he broke the old and the precious relations, those who are the reason for his existence in this world, who educated him, loved him, took care and in return they (parents) always want their son with them till their last breath.
    Youngster thinks that they can never have a happy life if they're old parents will stay with them.Such youngsters are the reason for the existence of old age home. But God always punishes the wrong person. There exist give and take relation in this world. The respect and love we give to our parents, we take the same respect and love back.

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