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    Ironies of Life: Ant in a money locker.

    Some people have a high end job,flourishing business and a perpetual drive to earn more and more. They can afford many luxuries of life, jet off to various parts of the world on business and be the envy of many below them.

    But, these people, in their endeavor to amass wealth, focus all their energy and time towards money making task. The families have more than they can spend in this life time, everything is a just a call away. But the one thing missing is spending time with families, being there to savor the moments of joy, look into children's education, go for parents teachers meeting etc.

    As time passes, these businessmen are so engrossed in their race, that they forget to notice that time has flown by, children have grown up, illnesses and age has caught up. One fine day, they take a few steps backward and see the larger picture. Suddenly they realize that, although they were studiously gathering money like ants, they did not realize that in reality they were just ants trapped in a money locker for most of their lives. Trapped by choice with nobody else to blame but themselves.
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    Nice. Fact of the life in a few lines.Today in another thread the author of that thread conveyed that a family who never attended to any of their relatives are alone now. Thay has everything with them but none with them. But they are not able to buy people with what they have now. But people realise this fact of life when they become old and not able to do anything. The importance of family and other aspects of the life were brought in many threads earlier also.We all know that the money is not useful even to burn our dead body in the burial ground as such. We have to convert it into the wood, then only it will be useful. Ant will keep food but not money. but the money we keep may not get food for us in the old age as we have to go out purchase it with our money for which we may not have the energy required for us. So we should understand the value of family and other fellow human beings and we should keep good relations with them to have a peaceful life in our old age.
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    This is true. I think people majorly are occupied with money making. The whole and sole purpose of everyone is making money.
    Some of them who are occupied with business and making huge amount are just being highly professional. One can only seek happiness from family and healthy interactions with them. Its good to be busy and professional but there are various things beyond work.
    If one is occupied in only making money, then later when their children will grow up, they will even not be able to recognize their father or mother. The reason is they did not spend any time with them. All they did the same time was work and only work. Memories and the people who form these memories play a major role in making our lives happy and exciting.

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