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    Do you get annoyed when somebody says you are wrong.

    We will be attending many tasks in our daily life. When we do some works some mistakes may take place. Generally, we also should take sufficient care, check twice before we complete the work and wind up. Even after doing all works and taking all necessary precautions also sometimes some mistakes may be taking place in our activity. To err is human. If we notice our mistake we will try to correct it.
    Sometimes after our hard work if somebody points out a mistake and says you are not correct, what will be the reaction? Some people may say the mistake in a little-polished way but some may put it straight. Do you get annoyed?
    If it happens to me irrespective of their approach if I am at fault I will accept my mistake and try to correct it if there is any way. But I have seen some people who will get angry if somebody points out their mistake. What is your say on this?
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    A good thread from Dr. Rao. If we get annoyed if someone criticizes us, then there is no scope for improvement. Having said this, I must mention that every person must judge the criticism and try to understand whether the criticism is honest criticism or criticism for the sake of criticism. Honest criticism will help us to review our own work and improve it. Criticism for the sake of criticism must be ignored. But we must develop the ability to differentiate these two.
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    If we are doing mistakes then we are proven Human Beings so its a positive indicator which will make you feel good.

    We can react to this with either listening to the individual or ignoring the whole at once. The experienced one would want to have this listened & then decide whether to take this or switch to other.

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    It is a natural human tendncy to get agitated with criticism. When a person has done a major part of a job but done a small mistake there he will not like to hear any negative comment from other persons. No one likes that his mistakes are pointed out.

    Those who are wise and diplomatic, they simply ignore by smiling or small murmurings but others who are sensitive and reactive will be annoyed and will reply back even harshly also.

    So it depends on the temparament of a person how he will react to such criticism.

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    Yes, and it is very common that every one of us will get annoyed when someone says us wrong. Nobody wants to be proved wrong for anything, it is human nature. But thinking on the point why we were being criticized for a particular task or habit, that makes the difference. The sudden reaction would be mostly same. But how many of us, take that criticism as a growth symbol and how many of us make it a point to fight with each other that makes the difference.
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    Well I always invite constructive criticism and evaluation of my work attempted and done. But never agree to those who does not have any idea of my work and yet chose to comment. There are people who are looking for a just loophole in our behaviour and that is related to so many mistakes done in the past and thus make big issue. Those people are not in the position to evaluate but to make trouble to us. Yes we are also bound to make mistakes and for us it may not be a mistake unless and until pointed out by others. Why because we seldom evaluate ourselves with fear of being degraded by ourselves and thus others take the privilege to correct us. But good friends are those who shall point out the mistake in private and not in public. That would give us further impetus to mend our ways for the future.
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    Very nice topic Dr Rao. When we are doing some task and after it completes, we got to know that we did some mistakes and someone points to our mistakes then we should accept it instead of talking negatively. But it is a human nature when someone points to our mistake we start fighting with them. When my elders point to my mistake, I accept it and try to improve myself.
    Generally angry people start fighting with them who pointed to their mistake. Someone is always with them who takes advantage of this behaviour and they will make it an interesting topic to talk about. Those who are actually with us will always point to our mistake for out Betterment.
    No one is perfect, so when you commit mistake, accept it and try to improve it in future.

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    I get annoyed only when someone totally denies my efforts. Being wrong is ok. You can only learn from mistakes.
    But its absolutely horrible, to deny someone their wage.
    There isn't a greater sin than depriving someone of what they deserve.

    If I'm wrong, tell me where and how I need to correct it. Don't say I haven't tried at all.

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    It is human to make mistakes, it is maturity to accept criticism. Errors and its rectification make us better professionally and personally. Not all of us are quick to learn and grasp or execute our task with due diligence.

    The problem is not when somebody says that we are wrong. It is the manner in which it is said. For instance, a teacher who finds that a student has made a mistake makes him/her standup, shouts at the child in the class or adds comments in the dairy. A boss who finds that a junior is done a mistake discusses openly like a name and shame game in the office. A person who finds a mistake often thinks he/she is superior and the person who has made the mistake is inferior to them. Such narrow-minded thoughts and behavior would annoy a person like me. There is always a way to tell someone about their mistakes.

    A secretary jumbling up the papers in a file.

    Boss A: you have arranged everything in the wrong order. It's a waste of my time.

    Boss B: I think the order is jumbled up, If I were you, I would arrange it in this order, won't you agree that this is correct or better.

    Boss B would have more respect, admiration and would be more effective in this situation than Boss A.

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