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    Padmaavat Movie: Supreme court has no objection on it.

    Everyone knows what happening in our country. When supreme court has given its decision that movie can be screened in theater but still local organization like karni sena has made its stance that they will not let movie to be shown in theater. Now our point is "no one in this country is above supreme court, court has given its decision - it should be considered as final".
    And to implement court decision is our central and state government responsibility. Any anti social elements who threaten our peace inside our country should not be tolerated and very strict action should be taken.
    So, far various government in Rajasthan and MP etc don't look serious in this matter. Today only supreme court rejected Rajasthan and MP plea in which they wanted movie to be banned. What is your thought in this matter?
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    This film has been getting good curiosity prior to its release for which the producer and director must be happy. Now that the SC has given nod for the release, but the Karni Sena activist wont budge. Now they are threatening the theatre owners with dire consequences if the movie was played. Baffled by this fresh salvo, the producer of the film expressed his desire to meet the members of Karni Sena to view the film and then decide. That should be the welcome step from the makers to end the fiasco on this issue altogether. Let us see what the Karni side want to say on this offer.
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    There are reports of vandalisation of Cinema Theaters by a group of Rajputs called Karni Sena before the release of Padmavat movie ( new name of Padmavati movie)at Ahmedabad. The Censor Board has cleared the film with the changed name. The Supreme Court has also ruled out its ban in Rajasthan, MP, Gujarat and Haryana. The other states are also asked to follow the suit. Even though the Karni Sena is opposing the release of the movie. The most important thing is the states in question are taking no steps to curb this rant. The silence of the central government over this issue is also a cause of concern to the common public. The opposition parties are keeping mum for the political reasons. It appears as if a handful goons have taken these governments to hostage. Is it acceptable that the right of the majority of people of the country to watch this movie should be denied for the whim of this fringe group. They should not be allowed to thwart the others. They are rather sullying the image of Rajputs known for their valour by behaving so crazy.

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    The inaction of the Governments is of concern. The Supreme court turned down the appeal of the Governments. The trend is not good for the country. The picture is not yet released and none of the objecting groups have seen the film. They are causing loss to the public property. The Governments concerned should take proper action. Otherwise, we have to take it as lack of will to do so.
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    The future of this film is doomed-there is not an iota of doubt in this regard. So far as the direction of the Hon'ble Supreme Court is concerned, all the State Governments who have banned the film citing law and order issue, will follow the direction but can't ensure the success of the film.

    The film is going to be a huge flop. The director will very well understand that he can't get away insulting the sentiments of the majority and praising the invaders in the name of creative nonsense.

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    I saw this thread but was waiting for some response to put my view on this matter.

    First let us see the entire picture before coming to any conclusion of our own dogma view. If some group of people are protesting, we must know why it has been doing so. If we put one side view or our own view, it should be only called a biased one.

    Let me take the supreme court decision - Creative freedom, freedom of speech and expression can't be guillotined... artistic freedom has to be protected," On this basis the movie has been allowed to release. There is no doubt that no one is above than law or above than Supreme Court.

    However the question is - Can we allow our creativity in real historical people to malign their image? One can only do a creativity work on fictional story or character but throwing his person creativity on historical character just to make the movie hit and to create unnecessarily controversy should not be taken into positive way. There are many such movie which has been fictional and brought out good creativity. Take the latest movie "Tiger Zinda Hai" in which the director has created story that the ISI and RAW worked together which may not be possible in real sense.

    Now coming to the topic, who was Padmavati? If one does not know about her, should refrain from talking anything in forum. She was the Rajput women who gave her life (burnt herself with other women, just not to get caught by Khilji) fighting with him. The history knows how was Alluddin Khilji and his weakness of beautiful women. In such scenario if one want to make a creativity of having romance between Khilji and Padmavati, it can only hurt the sentiment of people and create controversy.

    Lets keep ourselves in this matter, can anyone make a creative story of his/her ancestors doing romance with any of Mughal Kings ? If the answer comes to "Yes" then I am sure the movie and the freedom of creativity is correct and the protest is all wrong.

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    I agree with #624044. A story can be created as the writer thinks and he can introduce his imaginations there without any inhibitions. But if somebody wants to use a name which is very pious and who killed herself to avoid getting caught by the enemy and showing romance between her and her enemy is not acceptable. Why he has to keep that name and spoil the feelings of a particular community. This is an unnecessary controversy created by the filmmakers.
    Anyhow Supreme court is the final authority. Nobody can deny that. As the ruling as come now, the film will be released after the film producer's meeting with Karni Sena members. I hope an amicable solution will be there between the two parties involved.

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    From the controversy, it is clear that so-called creative people can't play with the sentiments and belief of the majority community creating those creative nonsenses.

    The direction given by the Hon'ble Supreme Court will be followed by the State Governments, but the Governments can't prevent the film becoming a 'flop show'.

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    Whether Film is hit or flop. It's Indian citizen right to go and watch it. If supreme court has given green signal. It mean It's Government responsibility to show this movie at any cost. Only handful of people can't dismantle law and order. Arrest those peoples and put them behind jail. Our government should think beyond vote bank. Our government which BJP ruled should think from bigger perspective rather than thinking from the point of view "like if we release this movie handful of people will protest or they will not vote etc". Well If Indian Government which has state government as well should strong willingness to create law and order. It should ensure peace in this country. If you think from short term benefits, it will hamper progress of our country in long term. We are advertisement in world that come and invest in India etc. Investment requires safety and uninterrupted business atmosphere.

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