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    You are the architect of your life.

    Our life is a gift of GOD to us. How we design this, how we spend this and how we shape it is in our own hands.We are the architects of our life. Our mindset and our attitude will make our life good or bad. The way in which you think and the way in which you respond to the various aspects of the life will make you happy or the other way. A poor man is able to sleep well on the road whereas a rich man is not able to have a sound sleep in between the four walls of controlled atmosphere. What made the difference. Again your desire and aspirations only. So it is you who will decide on your path of life. Be selective and choose the best one.
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    We are really blessed to have this life as human being on this earth. Some lead the lavish life, some are average and some live with no basics and they are totally shattered. How we lead the life will also reflect on our mind and our behaviour with others. Poor man in the hut does not have any valuables or money and hence he may have good sleep in the night. Whereas the rich man has to secure his earnings, his belongings and now a days have cctv being installed at every corner of the house to nab the culprits. So how we accept the life will decide the life course of the future and hence we are our own architect of our life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are born and grown in a family. Naturally at least in the beginning there will be some external architects. But after attaining certain age one starts his/her own building up. Perhaps some models will be there to follow.

    However to a large extent one has to be his own architect. Because the help one can get may not be sufficient to mould himself in the way one thinks. After all an individual is a member of a family and a society. Unknowingly we will be taking some from a person, another from a second person, like that it goes on. With all these one become an architect of his own. In this way most are becoming their own architect. It will, however, be difficult to prepare all details in advance as an architect does.


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    Generally we can say and pride ourselves that we are the architects of our own life.
    But we should not forget that we are a product of a blend of many things, many of which are not in our control. If everything goes on as we plan and hope then good. But it may no happen so always or for all.
    For many there is proverbial 'gap between the cup and lip'.
    Even whe we say that we are our own architects, we have to understand that we just do a small permutation and combination of the existing ingredients and parameters already made available to us. We have only limited control or restricted freedom..

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    I don't think we can believe that we are the architect of our lives. This is simply because there are many things beyond our control. God creates life but man chooses to end a life right from the time it is created even before the baby is born to a wise old man. What amount of planning and designing by one own ( as a architect) is destroyed in a matter of seconds by fate ( accident, a fatal heart attack etc).
    I think we should be more humble and think of ourselves as someone who is walking along the path of life under the guidance of God. The term architect would be more appropriate to our parents, grandparents and teachers who in the early stage of life, mold us, prepare for our journey in life and let us walk alone but always at hand to guide us or help us at times of need. When people do not have such support, they trust God and move along. We should think ourselves as responsible drivers of the lives that God has given us.

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    You are very right our life is a gift given by God to us. It's in our hand how we give shape to our life. Going to right or wrong path depends on us. Our decisions can be boon or bane to us. But totally, we are not the architect of our life. The control of our life is in hands of God. We do only what God has written in our destiny.
    We move on the guidance of God.

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