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    11 years of IPL: should we nurture it or continue criticizing it?

    IPL 2018 is due in a couple of months and the Indian team is getting bashed in South Africa.
    For this year, Virat Kohli is the most expensive player of IPL with Rs 17 crores is at the receiving end of criticism from many and Graeme Smith questions his leadership.

    Every year, there are comments made that IPL is not good to the health of test cricket, it is not a formal game, players party more than play the game and it weakens the national team spirit etc. Looks like the concerns raised have some truth in it.

    Whenever the Indian Premier League season starts, cricket fans are thrilled, media and the papers are busy. There is a festive atmosphere among the cricketing community and the followers.

    IPL since 2007, has had its share of controversies, legal and political issues but it has also enthralled the cricket lovers in India and around the world. Many businesses big and small depend on it.

    IPL 2015 contributed 182 million USD to the Indian GDP. The brand value of IPL in 2017 was 5.3 billion USD. So, I think it's time to decide and say, yes we should nurture it or no let's keep criticizing it.
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    IPL has been introduced to give more importance to Individual player and as they perform they would reap the price and there is no wrong it. It is the fact that those who are playing are being bid with large money than other cricket formats and thus who are not selected in the bid are fuming with bad comments. Nevertheless the IPL has made the Individual players to reap the profit off season and also make some name Internationally. On the other hand the board is also getting good revenue on this format of cricket and there is no question of winding this game at all. We have to adjust with criticism.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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