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    India is behind Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh in standard World Economic Forum ranking. Why?

    Emerging economies on an Inclusive Development Index by World Economic Forum ranking indicates India stands 62 positions far behind China-26th rank, Pakistan-47th rank, Bangladesh-34th rank, Srilanka-40th rank among a scale of 79 Nations in the last year 2017. The standard analysis of WEF says policymakers giving more importance to GDP as a measure for a short-term result of an economy which is creating large inequalities among the people. In 2016 India got 60th rank and now it dropped by two ranks. WEF ranking is known to be a standardize ranking unlike conducted by some Corporate and private organizations. Then what do you think the reason for India to achieve such a poor ranking in 2017 at World level?
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    What I feel that there is a deliberate lobbying going on which was sponsored and supported by other powerful countries to down grade the country's rank in WEF ranking probably our PM Modi has been stressing the need for Make in India pitch which is not taken by many players globally. They are loosing the Indian market which was lucrative earlier. And with Patanjali push, the other Multinationals are always breathing uneasy in the market and hence such bad ranking was awarded to India. And our PM Modi is going to hardsell our country at Davos after 21 years when a PM of this country was invited.
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    I feel the main reason for this is the disparities among the rich and the poor. The wealth is getting accumulated with the people who are rich and the poor are remaining poor. Another reason I feel is that agriculture is not getting the boost required and industrialisation is given more importance. But sincere entrepreneurs are very less. Many of them are using this as a tool to enmass their wealth.
    I feel our country is mainly an agricultural based country and the backbone of the country is the farmer. But a small farmer is suffering a lot and nobody is thinking about his fate. Whatever benefits the government is giving are North reaching the really deserved cases.
    The government has to change its outlook and focus should be kept on increasing the wealth of downtrodden. There should be some novel schemes to be brought in to improve the village life and urbanisation of villages is to be thought of.

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    Capitalism is always after the volume of goods manufactured and never care the human factors behind the production. This is the dark side of this system. This led to concentration of national wealth in the hands of a few. This also leads to social disparity and class war. To avoid this and to achieve a fair distribution of wealth to avoid any class war, the economists and governments now measuring the indices for social improvement. This index takes into account the "living standards, environmental sustainability and protection of future generations from further indebtedness", the WEF said. It urged the leaders to urgently move to a new model of inclusive growth and development, saying reliance on GDP as a measure of economic achievement is fueling short-termism and inequality.

    WEF added that the GDP measures current production of goods and services rather than the extent to which it contributes to broad socio-economic progress as manifested in median household income, employment opportunity, economic security and quality of life. The performance of India on social parameters is not good. As per the report India slips 21 slots on Gender Gap index 2017 . India has failed to tap its human capital, ranks 103rd . India ranked 108th Global Gender Gap Index .

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    Many consider the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) as the new index that is better than the GDP. GDP alone does not indicate the health of an economy. I don't know how and what exactly goes into this IDI.
    This raises many questions in my mind. if we are ranked below our neighbors despite progress and achievement broadcasted, can someone tell why? Is it something that we need to worry about, how much is the rich vs poor gap impacting the IDI score. If the figure is true then are we receiving selected information that we like to hear and feel better.
    I hope the policy makers and the Government wakes up to this and give the public details and the plans to improve the IDI.

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