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    Do you use Regular or Special petrol for your vehicles? Has it made a difference?

    Now a days the petrol bunks have also started their marketing, the moment you stop, someone comes to wipe the windscreen, the ask you about free oil change, some places, like my regular pertol bunk even coffee.

    I regularly use only the standard petrol from Shell. This week the queue was too long and I was coaxed to go to the V-Power or special petrol that is very good for petrol engines, It would be smooth and noise would be less. I jumped lanes and got the special petrol for my two wheeler. I've not seen any change.

    Does anyone have any real experience with benefits with the V-power of Shell or its equivalent of other brands or it is just a gimmick?
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    As a salaried Government employee, my response will be on expected lines. During the initial days of the month, I use Special petrol and during the last part of the month, I use Ordinary petrol. People say that using Special petrol is good for the health of the car because Special petrol ensures less wear and tear, but I have not had any specific proof of the specialties of Special petrol.
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    Premium petrol does not make much difference for the vehicles we use. Unleaded petrol is best for cars we use. Sometimes we find a sticker inside the fuel cap which says unleaded petrol. Do not waste money unnecessarily on premium petrol.
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    During the initial days I used once or twice the so called premium petrol available at the select outlets and found no difference in my vehicle performance. The cost is high and nothing benefited me. So I reverted to the standard petrol. What I feel that all petrol pumps are not serving the petrol in right quality and quantity. I would opt for those petrol pumps which has the rush and that indicates the popularity of the pump as regards to its quality and quantity. For example at the OU entrance in Tarnaka, there are two pumps and people would chose the big pump which has the heavy rush always.
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    My husband and I, both use ordinary petrol in our vehicles. As a rule, we also fuel at the same Petrol Bunk, every time. And by same I mean, the same outlet. It is only when we are on the Highway, driving out of the city that we use other outlets. But, then too, we choose to fuel only at Bharat Petroleum, over the others. We have always found BP outlets on National and State Highways, even in remote areas.

    We always pick a Company-owned outlet for our fuel requirement. Sticking to one single outlet has its advantages – the service is good, we always get a smile, because the staffs recognise us and we are assured of the same quality of fuel each time.

    We also fill up the tank when it is half empty. So, at any given time, our cars have enough fuel and we never find ourselves in a panic situation.

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    I never used special petrol. I use unleaded petrol. But I go for a specific petrol bunk only to the maximum extent possible unless otherwise, I go for a long distance drive. That bunk what I use is a company operated petrol bunk and the services are good there. My friend was initially using the special petrol as somebody told him it will be good for the vehicle. But later on, he stopped using that as he has not found any additional advantage except spending more money. I followed his words and never gone for the special petrol.
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    Nice replies, I'm glad that at least there are some others who do not feel a major difference between special and regular petrol.
    It makes sense to stick to a particular bunk, I think, some like me are just lazy to go to the bunk that is good.
    I would also go for the regular or the unleaded variety from now. thanks,

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    Since the purchase of my bike I have been using Special petrol as I was told that with this the life of engine will be longer but recently when the meter shown 50000 Kms, I had to go for the servicing as the smoke was more then usual.

    I had paid approx. Rs. 10000/-

    But still I love my bike & I don't feel being not interesting in moving to normal petrol.

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