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    Is Drug Addiction a disease or choice ?

    According to my opinion, drug addiction is a disease because it can cause changes in the brain, creates physical dependency in the individual, as well as it also affects the individual's ability to make reasonable decisions. Drug Addiction is a social evil in India.It is a tragedy of our days that millions of youths, the future citizens, fall victims of the habit of taking drugs. What do you think drug addiction is a disease or choice?
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    Drug addiction is an unfortunate thing a person has. It not only dstroys his health but makes him mentally weak and he becomes demotivated.

    So it appears that he is suffering from a disease. You are very correct in telling that drug addiction is a disease. It is in fact more than a disease as disease is curable but drug addiction requires lot of change in life style and a great dose of counselling before one can really get rid of this.

    Those who are regularly taking it are actually escaping from the practical world where responsibilities are to be taken up and one has to work hard for mitigating the difficulties of life.

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    Drug addiction is obviously a disease and never a choice. People take drugs to add a relief to themselves for a small span of time. People get addicted to it because it causes a kind of unconsciousness from the current environment.
    I think people who are lonely by heart or living alone get more easily addicted to it. The reason is they don't get the right guidance either from their family. Drugs are bad for health physically and mentally both.
    Those who are suffering from this addiction needs to be treated with patience, love, and care. One other reason that could cause drug addiction is an undergoing phase of depression. When depression is untreated and people feel helpless, they feel unheard from everyone close to them, they could get addicted to it.
    Drug addicts need good counseling to help them come out of this tough situation.

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    Knowing fully well about the evil effects of drugs and its aftermath, people get addicted to it and wont come out even if they want. It is not only a disease but a choice chosen through wrong friendship who were bent on creating a bad behaviour in you. Normally people make friendship for the good and mutual benefits. But there are people who wants to destroy the other person totally by inducing to drugs and that choice was given by him the trouble maker. Not realising it the drug has been accepted once in a while and later turned as the drug addict of no return to the main stream of life. Good family has been destroyed with one such strange behaviour and every one is worried about the well being of the person. Once the drug addicted is spotted in the family, then their relations and friends would distance themselves and thus the family is left alone.
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    Drugs consumption is a disease. But initially, when you start, it is not a disease. But later on you will get addicted to it and you will feel sick. As mentioned in the other responses, the drug usage will start from the depression. Some people because of their initial failures get depressed very much and they will get suicidal tendency also. Those times if somebody advises for the consumption of these drugs, they will start and observe the difference. They will forget about their depression and go on spending time unconsciously where they will not remember any of their problems. So they try to continue that and finally they can't live without that item. It is a very bad habit and unfortunately, many youths in our country are getting addicted to this habit. It is really a problem to be solved.
    The parents should have a close observation of their wards especially during university education times and they should take the corrective action in the initial stages itself so that they can save their wards from this drug menace.

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    Doing Drugs is certainly a choice that can be turned down, Drug addiction is certainly a disease that needs therapy. It often starts off at social occasions, as part of being a bold boy or a bold girl, to show off, to impress or to imitate etc. At times teenagers or adults turn to drugs as a means to escape emotional and social deprivation.

    The drug peddlers are also very smart to target these vulnerable people and supply them for money or even exchange of valuable items or even sexual favours. Once the individual start getting used to it and moves on to higher drugs and volumes, they get addicted to it.

    When they reach to point of addiction, then it is a disease. Instead of getting angry at them or neglecting them, they need professional help and lot of love and support from the families. It is difficult to beat drug addiction but not impossible. There are many celebrities, sports and movie star who have beaten drug addiction.

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