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    In the evening, he is all alone

    The weather was pleasant in the morning. Many people assembled in the city chowk. The children wore clean and colourful dresses. There were colourful balloons. The dignitaries came. The local MLA came. He hoisted the Flag. Other dignitaries assisted him. Flowers were showered. There were patriotic songs and lectures. The dignitaries exhorted common people to give everything for the sake of the country. Sweets were distributed. The ceremony was over before 12 noon. The assembled people went home.

    During the morning ceremony, he stood along with common people. For today, he got the uniform washed and ironed. He cleaned his boots. He polished his baton. But nobody bothered about him. He also received a packet of sweets which he has now kept in his bag for his child.

    Now it is evening. The sunset is scheduled to be at 5.45 p.m. His duty will be over at 6 p.m. Now it's time for the important task. He quickly polishes his shoes again. He arranges his uniform properly and moves forward. He reaches in front of the Flag must. He smartly salutes the Flag. Nobody is there in the city chowk now. Nobody notices him. After saluting the Flag, he brings it down very carefully with due respect. He doesn't allow the Flag to touch the ground.

    In the morning, the chowk was full of people. Everyone was watching the MLA hoisting the Flag on this special day. In the evening, the Security Guard is all alone. No one watches him. He lowers the Flag for the day with all respect following every procedure.
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    This is a very usual practice in many offices. Also in many city centres. In the morning of a national festival, the flag hoisting will be done very elegantly. But when it is to be brought down in the evening, it is the duty of the Security Guard on duty. Nobody will be there at that time as the will be a holiday. So he will simple unfurl the flag, neatly fold it keep it inside for the next festival day. Same is the case in many private offices also.
    We see many statues of great people in the road junctions or on the roadsides. Nobody will bother about them or even don't have a look at them. Sometimes we will observe birds sitting on the statue. But on the day of his birthday or death day, some local people will clean the statue and a VIP will come and garland the statue and speak something good about the person whose statute was there and go. Again they will remember about him the next year the same day.

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    The author has really gone into the botheration and ardent duty being performed by the last security guard who has been entrusted with lowering the National flag and folding it with procedures and dignity. Even in our colony programs in the morning the people would be present in large numbers hearing speeches, unfurling of national flag, taking salute and above all saying the anthem. But by the evening no one is present and the senior citizen of the colony takes the responsibility of lowering flag from the post and folding it with great dignity. I always thanked him for the gesture.
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    I'm glad that Mr.Partha has highlighted the security guard at these functions. Such people often go unnoticed with the VIPs catching the attention of the public and the media. During flag hoisting, it is common for the organizers and dignitaries to ensure the program starts, the key invitees have a place on the Dias and I've even heard quite discussions as to why x should hoist and not y. Once the function is over, then everyone is off on their own errands and it is left to one person in the end. This person a security guard or a retired army officer ( in our area) with respect honor the Indian Flag being lowered. Even though no one is watching, the due respect our flag deserves is shown as such people cannot ignore their own conscience and do a half-hearted job. Patriotism and respect for our country don't mean shouting slogans and dressing in traditional khadhi attire, it means behaviour like that of the security gaurd.

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