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    Never call your college mates by name in front of others.

    This post is for the college going students going by public transport or by the college bus. Normally in the bus stands there are other passengers waiting for the bus and your college mates are also expected to join. In the conversation you may be revealing the names of females in your group and may even call them by name. Mind it others are also watching your behaviour and they may note the names of the females and try to stalk the girls. So when you are in public never reveal or call the names of your friends by name for their safety.
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    I do not think this advice makes sense. People do not start stalking girls just because they heard someone call out their name. Stalkers become obsessed by the individual and they stalk them because they are infatuated with them – an infatuation that they believe to be love. Most stalkers do not have any information about their victims other than where they live, work or study. And the time they leave their home or place of work/study.

    Knowing a name is not going to cause a man to begin stalking a female. This makes no sense. Stalkers are enamoured by the physical appearance of their victim. They like what they see and stalk in a bid to get to know the person better.

    There are other kinds of stalkers too, who stalk with intent to harm or mug the victim. Let us not create paranoia among youngsters. Stalkers have a different frame of mind, which you and I probably cannot gauge.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Somehow I am of the opinion that this advice may not hold good. A person who want stalk the girl can know her name in many ways. I don't think that by knowing the name of a girl somebody wants to stalk her. After seeing a girl somebody may try to follow her and get the details. But not by knowing the name. So calling the classmates with names in a public place may not be that harmful.
    Generally, when the collegemates together in the bus or train they call each other by name. I heard the same many times. Even when two girls talk to each other also they use the name of the other girl.
    Of course, if you call somebody by name in the public very strongly, it may look awkward so it is always better to have a talk as slowly as possible so that your talk will not disturb the others.

    always confident

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    Knowing a person name in this manner would help eve-teasers to pass comments with specific names or call out to them. It would not help stalkers other than giving a name to the person they are obsessively following.

    Since we advising youngsters, teenage girls spend a lot of time with other friends during their journey from college/tutions back home. They can help each other or their lady college mates as it would be easy for them to see who is following them and if capable confront the stalkers or complain to the authorities.

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    There is another reason, which I learned practically. During my early days of career, it so happened that one of my friends from native place also joined the same office . As we were friends since college days, we used to address each other by our first name or pet names.
    One day the head of the department heard his and advised us to keep the protocol of the office and address by the protocol way, as general public was watching us and it will give a wrong impression and a non-professional colour to us and the office itself. Though initially it was embarrassing and discomfort to use somehow adapted to that until both worked there.

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