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    When onions could bring instant tears from us, then how can we claim to be strong ?

    Probably there is none other than the onions which can bring tears from our eyes without any force or forcefulness. Human beings have the attitude to bring tears in our eyes either through performance, great acts or through sentiments. But onions needs not do any acting or showoff. By peeling one layer of its skin, we start getting tears rolling down automatically. Generally actors use glycerine to bring artificial tears in them in sad scenes. Instead they can even use the onions to bring natural crying effect. And when we cannot resist onions bringing tears, then how strong we are ?
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    Let me begin by saying 'crying' is not a sign of weakness. Neither does 'not crying' prove that you are strong. Crying is a response to what you go through emotionally. Tears can be tears of joy, of physical pain or of sorrow. It is just the body's way of releasing an emotion. Tears do not determine the level of our physical or emotional strength.

    The tears released as an emotional reaction are caused by hormones, as a natural response. They are intrinsically different from tears that we shed when peeling onions. The chemical composition of the tears is different.

    Onions cause a chemical reaction that makes the eyes burn. The water that comes out is a reaction to the vapours from the onions that get into the eyes. There are many other elements that make our eyes water. Dust particles in the eyes can cause that to happen, as does heavy smoke. Tear gas, also makes our eyes water. An allergic reaction can make the eyes to water.

    Please recognise the difference between tears and watering of eyes.

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    The tears of our eye could make our minds free after a complete wash out. The tears produced by the onion could clean only our eyes. Tears would always make you feel stronger and not weaker. You keep crying for a cause for not more than 5 times. After which you will become brave and strong and start tackling them.

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    The tears coming out from our eyes when we cut onion is due to a chemical which will get evaporated very easily at the room temperature. These vapours are the reason for burning our eyes and the drops that come out form eye are not pure tears what we get when we cry. It is a chemical phenomenon and there is no relation between strength and this. Even the strongest person can also get tears when the onion is cut. If you keep the onions in the refrigerator for some time and then cut the onion, you will not get tears.
    Again crying is not the indication of low strength. It is an emotion. These tears are caused by hormones and basically, this is out of emotions only. But some people, when they are weak, will go on weeping for a long time and that is a disease known as hysteria. This is also out of emotions and they are not able to control their emotions due to their weakness. Those people who are suffering from this disease have to consult a physician.

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    True crying is a form of expressing our emotions as a man, woman and child.It can be of joy, sorrow, grief or physical pain. Wet eyes with burning sensation due to chopping onions are due to the chemicals that change to a gas irritable to the eyes. On a lighter vein, it shows the power of the little onions over we great humans.

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