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    Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

    As a new year sets in, we too gear up with new resolutions. The resolution could be to read more books or to spend less time on Social media; a strong willpower is a key to keeping it.

    The New Year is when you become contemplative about the past and present and reflect on how you can improve in the upcoming year. It's the time to think about changes you need to make and commit yourself to seeing it through; it's time to make an Awesome New Year's Resolution!

    Self-improvement, or the desire for it, is a goal shared by all. And the secret to keeping the resolution is another resolution in itself.

    Here you have to share a list of things that you are trying to commit for the coming year. So make a list of New Year's Resolutions For 2018.
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    When the next second cannot be guaranteed by us, what is the use of taking new year resolution and repenting later not following it . What I feel that when we are depending on the hands and the mind, we are supposed to work with honesty and integrity and that will bring good thoughts and eventually attempting good works during the year. By the way just because others making wows for the new year, we should not ape the same instead, be confident and have courage to face the challenges which comes in . Just consult your heart and mind and do the work with dedication.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A day gone is gone. Today is 24th of January. Almost the month is getting the end. So discussing new year resolutions now is delayed discussion. I have no special resolutions for this new year. I pray God that happiness should prevail upon sorrows. Goodness should win over evils. People should be content and pray for the welfare of the society. They should inculcate the habit of helping the needy. No diseases and sorrows to the mankind. No wars and internal rivalries. Our country should progress in all the areas. The gap between the haves and haven't should come down. People should do all good deeds and no terrorism in the country.
    This is the general wish every human should have for every new year. They should strive for upkeeping that policy and wish the mankind a happy life all over. Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu.

    always confident

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    Just my observations, the thread is worded as if we are in the last month of the year2017 and at the threshold of the new year 2018.

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    I think for the students the best resolution ever is to always take permission and inform their parents the work you are going to do. As i think today most of the child do not want to take permission and do not want to inform their parents as they are living outside in the hostel. So it is moral duty to share your experiences whether good or bad, and ask for the suggestion. I know parents of many students are illiterate. so many students do not want ti advice of their illiterate parents but don't forget that they have a great experience that is far better than your studies.
    So it is better to inform and take advice.

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