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    Are you not feeling the pinch of petrol rates revised upward daily ?

    For the past 10 days or so the petrol rates are revised daily upward. Few days back for rupees 150 I used to get 2 litres and 15 ml. Today for the same amount I got 1 litre 95 ml. That means coolly the government is cornering money from and there is no uproar too. For 150 rupees I was travelling 110 kilometres and more. And now my vehicle is giving mileage of just 80 to 85 kms for the petrol of 150 rupees. I can understand the plight of goods transport vehicles and busses which are forced to collect transport rates and old ticket fare only.
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    There is an upward movement in fuel rates in the last ten days. My habit is to fill up my four wheeler tank and generally, it will come for about 10 to 12 days in a month. Today only I got the fuel. Every time the bill is coming to about Rs.2950/-. But today I have paid Rs.3000/-. That means there is an increase of about Rs.50 /- I may have to spend around Rs.150/- more in a month.
    But the transportation of other commodities may also increase and that may cause additional payouts in other areas also. This will be an additional budget every month. But whether it is going to stop at this rate or also not known.

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    It is just a matter of time that we start paying indirectly for this hike in fuel prices because everyone ( trader/seller/shipper/transport companies) all will pass it on to us as increase in cost because of fuel price hike. Can we pass the difference back to the Government by paying less tax with the same explanation, unfortunately we cannot.
    My post on special petrol was partly because of this sir. I paid more, first time used special petrol but did not find more. I think almost all middle class people who have to travel to and fro to work and for other commitments will feel the pinch. It would just be a matter of few hundred rupees in a month for us but that is something we can do without. Imagine the honest auto and cab drivers.

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    Though I do not own a vehicle, I was always expressing my opinion against the constant price hike of petroleum fuels whenever I got a context to mention that in this forum or in my personal discussion with friends and others.
    This has to be seen against the backdrop that not even a rupee was reduced when the international crude price went rock bottom. There is no proper transparency and convincing explanation on the quantum of hike in such continuous way. It is very clear that the oil companies always insulate their profit margins quoting crude price.

    Unlike the price rise in any other product of daily use, even a slight increase in fuel price will have cascading effect in multiple proportions affecting everything of utility and consumption.
    The government and the oil companies simply gain by the price hike.
    Why can't the government keep the taxes constant on a particular quantum of the fuels irrespective of the price?
    Now when the price rises by one rupee the taxes also increase and the government gains. Why can't the government subsidise the fuels only?
    The world has to transform gradually to other sources of energy. The government has to encourage and subsidise other forms of energy and oil import substitution. They should encourage mass transport systems by reducing taxes and fares. Ironically the NDA government has only increased the rail fares at every turn on any pretext.

    Really very bad. I am sure people's unhappiness will reflect in the coming elections.

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    Many have raised similar concerns about the petrol price hike, this steep hike is felt in all major cities, the reasons given are that there in a cap in the production of crude, reflection of the impact of international factors and hence the hike in crude oil price that is getting reflected on the retail/consumer price.
    I read one news article which mentions that when crude was 174 dollars few years ago, petrol price was 63-65 rupees/liter but now crude is only 69-71 dollars/barrel, the petrol price is around 80. Why this difference?, I presume there would be production costs and other levies that would have gone up.

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