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    Where are the slates and slate pencils these days.

    In earlier days when a kid is getting admitted into the school, the parents used to perform Akshrabhyasam. They used to call all the school children and teachers of that village school. All the students were being given slates and slate pencils. Also sweets distribution. The first day they used to write some letters on the slate and made the child go on rewriting on the same letter till he was able to write that letter independently without any help. During the 1st standard only slate and slate pencils only. Only in the 3rd standard, they used to use paper and pencil. But these I am not seeing any school going child with a slate and slate pencil. I don't think any school going child is knowing about slate these days. Is it the same everywhere?
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    I think the slates and pencils still exists. Last week, when I was in a stationery shop, I saw a family buying two slates for their kids. A few years back, I too thought of owning a slate to learn a new English word each day by writing the word on it and hang it near my computer which will remain for a day. I used it for few days and put it to rest.
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    I do appreciate the author for bringing in the remembrance of old practice of basic education in those day. My father used to say that there was a sand quarry near their house and his father used to teach the maths and other subjects by illustrating on the sand and that would work as the black board and the finger as the pointer to write. Such was the educational practice when the slate and chalk were not in practice. By the way there was no pressure on the children to learn even up to the age of five. I have seen five year old child on the lap of the mother and not yet joined in the school. Now a days the working parents wants to get rid of the child nakras and wants him to put in play school at the tiny age of two and half years. Thus the children are deprived of parents love and affection and exposed to social way of living without basic education.
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    We have no statistics on this aspect but sure the users of slates and slate-pencils won't be more than 2 percent of the children of the Pre-nursery and KG level. It has been made to confine its role as a beginners tool for A,B,C... and placing it before Goddess Saraswati to offer prayers and start education.

    The Four ruled and two ruled books are used now in its place but sure every beginner still go with the sentiment of writing first on a slate with slate-pencil with the help of the Guru. They won't vanish as long as our traditions survive.


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    The uses of slate and pencils are very limited and if it used then only for the home purpose and not for school. I don't know if in Villages or in remote areas this tradition is still active. However, like how the time changes and so the habit of people. It is natural for us to adjust with the time and changes. Now, even Junior KGs student have to carry so many books and notebooks to the school.

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    So happy to see this topic. I was trying to train the slate practice two years back for my brother's daughter. I searched for slate and slate encil in Chennai but the shoppers suggested me to buy magic slate or white board of small size with marker pen. Later,
    I got the slate in metal with black paint and slate pencil at Madurai. I could not get the slate of the type which was used by us as well the slate pencil which of smooth content.

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