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    Have you heard about a Padma Bhushan awardee World famous Cardiologist Dr. B.M.Hegde?

    Dr. BM Hegde a world-famous Cardiologist, Padma Bhushan awardee, well-known educationist, Scientist and moreover he held many offices in high positions in medical field throughout the world. This eminent doctor says that the present day English medicine treatment is purely developed by Corporate World to increase their wealth by many many folds. He says by taking many medicines to a disease will lead you to more diseases. He talks about how this corporate system will fool you by health check-ups. If a person goes to a health check-up to a hospital he will definitely become a patient. Treatment to each and every organ separately is wrong method followed in English system. He says Ayurveda is the origin of all medicines and it provides a holistic treatment to an individual. This Padmabhushan awardee Doctor is promoting through his speeches and writing books the holistic approach to treating diseases. Hearing his speeches will definitely inspire you to gain knowledge in developing a correct approach to holistic wellness, following good lifestyle approaches, home remidies etc. You can follow his inspiring speeches through Youtube on net. Some of the links I am providing you below:-








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    My appreciation to Dr. BM Hegde a world-famous Cardiologist, Padma Bhushan awardee, for spreading the awareness in medical field which is working on commercial basis and not for the welfare of the patients. We all know getting a doctor seat and then pursuing the subject is the great challenge and associated with lots of money spending. Surely every doctor wants to earn money to mitigate his expenses already done, In the process he gets a cut from the consultancy, from the medicines prescribed and from the lab tests. Only yesterday I purchased some medicines for tooth ache and in the normal medical hall those medicines would cost me nearly 100 rupees per strip but at the generic stores I got the same for 40 rupees and the medicine is working as per the expectations. That means all these days we have been looted right and left.
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    I have seen one of his videos. Really it is very impressive. Ayurveda is the science of medicine related our culture. This is a Veda of Hindu medicine. The originator is Dhanvantari who made this knowledge made available to the mankind. These medicines are having no side effects.
    The famous cardiologist, Dr Hegde should be appreciated and respected for his endeavour in bringing the awareness among the people. He is trying to narrate the problems associated with the English medicine and at the same time he is trying to advocate the practice of Ayurveda. They are very impressive and make us think about the way we have to adopt for the upkeeping of our health. The fact is that the medicines what we use for remedial actions are bringing in new problems to the body. This known fact is now well established by the efforts of this great man.

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    Glad to see a crusader in Dr. Hegde who is championing the cause for Ayurveda and holistic approach rather than following modern medicine blindly. We went through a phase of having Ayurveda and homeopathic practice of treatment and embraced modern medicine fully. Now we are slowly waking up to Ayurveda and homeopathy and holistic care.
    What he is doing is great, spreading the awareness about alternative medicine. We need not ignore/believe everyone or any form of medical practice but we should be able to rationally and logically analyze the pros and cons of each form of therapy. I personally feel we should have a transparent platform with realistic results for common ailments so that the public/patient is free to choose.

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