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    Will the review take more time?

    On 11th January, 2018, I posted a school located in Gurgaon/Gurugram. Generally, I don't post schools, but as a moody person, I posted the school on an experimental basis. Actually, I wanted to see whether posting school can give better points credit than Forum posting. But I have not yet come to any conclusion simply because even after 13 days, the school posted by me has not been reviewed.

    Similarly, on 17th December, 2017, I posted an article response. The response has not yet been reviewed but the responses posted by me on later dates have been reviewed.

    I would humbly like to know from the concerned Editors whether the review of the above two items would take some more time. If yes, will the review take another 15 days, or so?
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    Apart from other sections the review section is less visited by our members and hence the contributions were very less. Nevertheless it should not take so much time to review the responses in all the sections.
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    Agreed there is a delay in review of School posts. The Concerned Editors are engaged in their domestic liabilities and would be taking up the task once they settle down. It may take another 5-7 days.


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    I think the time taken for review depends on the time availability of the concerned Editor. I have submitted an article on 31st December 2017 and it is approved on 2nd January 2018. Very fast. Later on I have posted an article on 12 Jan 2018 and still, I am waiting for the comments. That is why I feel it depends on the time of the Editor and another factor is the rush. If so many posts are there it may take really more time otherwise it will be fast. These days ask experts answers are being reviewed very fast. On the same day or maximum next day.
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    Yes, I do agree that nowadays the 'Ask Expert' answers are being reviewed very fast. Most probably, the credit goes to Shri Jagdish Patro, the newly-appointed Lead Editor. But it is to some extent astonishing that the 'Ask Expert' questions are being reviewed a little bit later.

    However, this post seeks specific clarification on the delay of the review of schools and a particular article response. So far as the review of school is concerned, Mr. Patro has provided the clarification.

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    I have had my article responses reviewed with cc give for good ones in reasonable time. Only in December there was a week when there was a delay. Maybe too many responses, some replies are for the sake of posting a response, so it would have taken time. There are 4 of my articles pending review, I have no issues, I think the turn over depends on the workload and when these editors are free ( it is a difficult task).

    I don't think, we should compare ask the experts, a wonderful job done by Mr.Jagdish Patro, also, these replies are also posted very promptly.

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    Thank you everyone for your encouraging words for the AE team. We have good a team of AE editors and everyone is ensuring fast clearance whenever they come online. Regarding approval of AE questions, the questions are to be fine tuned with good summary and a dedicated Editor is taking care of it. We will .try to speed up the approval of AE questions too.

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    Apologies for the delays in reviewing schools. Things will be back on track in a couple of days with quicker reviews of the posts.
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