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    Do the colleges gives thought on stress management in the students ?

    Those students who are doing Engineering, Medical and other professional course has to literally fight with the challenges on daily life and it starts from the long journey by bus to the college and back, and at the college the pressure of studying and completing the task in time. And after returning home the pressure to attend the house hold works and thus a student becomes more tensed and tired coupled with stress in the life. Are the colleges ever thought on this count ? Are they taking any measure to counter the stress by imparting relax mood lessons ?
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    College is not a place to mollycoddle young adults. College life is generally a life-changing moment that sets the pace of how your future is going to be. Colleges have huge syllabuses to cover and yes, that puts tremendous pressure on the students, but that is life. Students need to buckle up and learn to cope with the challenges. It is a step closer to the realities of life. Stress and life go hand in hand, well almost. It is for us to find a way to relieve ourselves of that stress.

    It is for concerned parents to create a better atmosphere that allows students to concentrate on their studies. Why are they being made to travel long distances – why not rent an apartment closer to the college or shift the child into the hostel, if there is one. Why is the child compelled to do household chores? For a student, the prime responsibility must be towards studies. Household chores can be taken up by other members of the family, especially, if they are a reason for stress. A child must be provided with an atmosphere that is conducive to studies.

    Colleges concentrate only on academics. They cannot be held responsible for the stress the outside factors cause. If a parent recognises the reasons for their child's stress, then it is for the parent to take remedial measures. Don't shift the onus on someone else.

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    I echo the views of Ms. Juana and it is the responsibility of the parents as well to find out the exact reasons for proper remedial action. Apart from the above, many colleges take care of the children by involving them in extracurricular activities and parents should see that their ward is engaged in one or two of them based on their areas of interest. If he or she is interested in playing cricket or Shuttle badminton or in painting, just encourage them. This relieves them from the stress and more or less acts as a tonic for stress management. A lecturer or a teacher can't monitor each and every student in a class of 70 or more and parent's involvement is a must in this aspect.

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    I think the author has made it more exaggerated. As a father of two sons who have finished their B.Tech and now working, what I feel is a student will have real stress in SSC and Intermediate but afterwards, certainly, their tensions and pressures will come down. Especially a student who is studying Intermediate in a corporate college will suffer a lot than an Engineering student. An Intermediate student has to stand good in inter and he should get a good rank in at least EAMCET so that he will get admission in the course he wanted in a good standard college where there will be some campus interviews. They will suffer a lot during that two years. But as that course is the turning point and decides on the future of the student, none are able to help him. My sons used to spend almost 15 to 16 hours during those two years of studies only. After that, they got admissions in good colleges and they were a little relaxed and they are out with good percentages and a job in a good MNC.
    During the studies of Intermediate, the parents should take care of their children and monitor them very carefully. They should be concentrating on the health part of their wards and see that they will get good nutritious food and sufficient sleep. We can't expect the college lecturers to take care of all the matters of the students which are humanly not possible.

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    Current students are stressed with the thoughts of tuitions, grades, and competitive exams. There are many after-school coaching units that are conducting jam-packed sessions cramming academic stuff in a very short period of time.
    Regarding challenges of student life and completing the task and participating in household tasks, I think it is part of growing up and learning how to manage things in life. We have all done this to varying degrees.

    If they have yoga sessions at school/college that would certainly enable them to relax. I think as parents, we should learn to ease the pressure we apply to them too. Parents can watch out for signs of stress in their kids and seek help as and when appropriate.

    Regarding reducing the time during travel and avoiding work at home, this would certainly free up time in their schedule to focus on studies and allocating some time now and then to unwind.

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