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    Ironies of Life: An orphaned child

    In a cruel twist of fate, some children lose their parents very early in life and most find that the joy and innocence of childhood have just been wiped out.

    However good the guardian or foster parents, they cannot replace true parents. Such children face a life of hardship right from an early stage. Either in a foster home or with relatives or in an orphanage, they are exposed to harsh conditions. Seeing happy children with their parents around them on the streets, TV or in public places, they have a pang of pain, suffering, and anger at life itself thinking why God put them in such a situation?. Somewhere along the line, this transforms into a motivational force or jealousy/envy.

    Many who are positively motivated, mature much early in life and quickly learn to be independent, live with meager needs, think and act with much more maturity and a balanced view that other kids of their age. They nurture an ambition to become educated, then succeed and help others in a similar fate.

    Some, sadly become victims of unfortunate circumstances and become subject of ridicule, abuse and end up being depressed or disturbed and resort to anti-social activities and a life with potential is wasted.

    I think the society has a huge moral responsibility in ensuring the care of these emotionally challenged children who for no fault of theirs have to face a life of hardships.
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    My appreciations to the author for the concern he has for the orphan children. It is really a very bad situation to lose both the parents. There will be nobody to take care of them. Even there are some relations, they can't replace the voids created by the demise of the parents.
    The children will be in a very sorrowful mood and they may not be able to concentrate on studies also. They don't know or have any clue about their future and they can't rely on anybody. They will be in a very disturbed mood. Their sorrow will increase when they see other children who are happily moving with their parents here and there.
    They society has to take care of such people so that they are not getting into the wrong path. Of course, there good orphanages where the people are taking care of them. The people should come forward to help such organisations and see that they will take care of these unlucky guys.

    always confident

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    Heartiest congratulations to the author for bringing such wonderful topic. When a child does not has parents then child's responsibility falls on their family but there are rare families who take care of them. You are right some children get mature early in life and do not enjoy their childhood days. They are not able to concentrate on studies and sometimes from their family they are forced to earn at an early stage of life. Some children start going down the wrong path. Society sometimes starts taunting them for not having parents. But I really salute those whose who give such children a very happy life to live.
    It's our responsibility to take care of them, to help them, to be with them.

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