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    What about republic day?

    suggest me any new way to celebrate this republic day and make it memorable for years and please its only for celebration and those who are against these celebration and all, do not message on this forum.
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    What a wonderful thought. Here are a few ways to celebrate the Republic Day and make it a memorable one –

    1. Visit an orphanage and spend your precious time with the children there. However, before you visit the place find out the age group of the children and what you can take along to the place. Maybe toys or books. Even sweets, chocolates and food is welcome
    2. Adopt a poor school. Offer your time and if possible help the school get better equipment – may be a computer or a projector or books for a library. Get other people involved and make your effort big
    3. Educate your neighbourhood on recycling and make an effort to get them going
    4. Visit a nearby slum and pledge to help the school going children with their studies
    5. Help an underprivileged child, by offering to pay the school fees or pay for special coaching
    6. Visit a Government Hospital and spend time with those who are sick, alone and dying

    There is a lot you can do to mark this Republic Day as special. Think out of the box and do something that counts, not something that gives you temporary pleasure. Look at ways in which you can change lives – bring a smile to someone's lips.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    The flag hoisting is the important item tomorrow. In our colony, there will be flag hoisting by the President of the Colony Welfare Association and then Sweets will be distributed.
    You want to celebrate it in a memorable way. I suggest the following.
    Go to the school where you have studied your SSC today and meet the Head Master. Tell him that You wanted to attend the flag hoisting tomorrow and distribute some prizes to the merit students. You ask him to get the list of students who stood first in 7th, 8th and 9th classes last year. Then as per your budget purchase three gifts which will be useful to those students. You now can be on the job of purchasing the gifts. if you feel like you can arrange some sweets to distribute to the students. Tomorrow has a small flag on your shirt. Many are available which looks good when you have it on your shirt. A good flag for your vehicle also can be purchased. Tomorrow you go in time to the school. After the flag hoisting, the Head Master may ask you to address the students also.You can do that and get the gifts distributed through the HM in the meeting and then arrange for the sweets to all. Don't forget to arrange a photographer who will click the photos during the program. You can make an album of the photos with you and you will remember the day forever.

    always confident

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    Take an oath that you will continue to be a real citizen of this republic and work for the betterment of the nation and its people. Every citizen has an equal right to live in this country. Hence act without interfering in others freedom. Know thoroughly about the limitations we have, and be aware of others' rights.

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    Thank you for you all, giving me this valuable suggestion and time. Yes this will definitely make my Republic day unique and memorable. yes, I agree we should take an oath to never harm our country, not to break any rule and to show that we are an honest and best civilian of the nation.
    We should also take an oath that we all respect girls and our parents, not to hurt our parents and friends.
    Girls are goddess in our Hindu mythology but they never treated as. So its our moral duty to make our India one of the best country in the world.

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    For me true patriotism and commitment is not about dressing up in Khadhi clothes, pinning a flag and then distributing the sweets, saluting the Indian flag. I say this because many forget the Flag and what it truly stands for until the next Independence day or next republic day.
    I would be more happy if people start to make a change for someone's life to be better. All of us cannot do it in a large scale, but at least you can do it in a manner that you are comfortable with.
    Attend a function locally, in the apartment or school or neighborhood, give some gift of a pencil or a book to the needy children. Whatever money you intend to spend on celebrations today, please give it to the local children's home/school/orphanage for their food.

    Please stop buying sweets to give it to your colleagues and neighbors who can easily do without it.Please stop spending on sound systems, photography etc, to be that money can be spent meaningfully. If possible donate to the Army Veterans fund or your local freedom fighters association.

    If possible help someone(I'm working half a day to help a few people), anything that gives you satisfaction within you is a means of celebration. On this great day, I would like one to take a oath that I will not harm people around me, even if I cannot do any good. Last but not the least, if you can do anything to promote communal harmony, it would a celebration in the name of our country.

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    One incidence happened with me today as I was walking on the road I heard one man saying that today is 15th August, he was speaking to someone who was literate and that literate person instead of correcting and making him understand that why we make this day so special, he was laughing and making joke out of him as he was thinking that by making fun out of him is making him popular in the city and that person was brutally insulted and I went to the literate person and I literally shouted at him that after being literate he was actually doing things as he is illiterate. This matter is not so funny actually if we have some knowledge about anything we should spread instead of joking, laughing or insulting others. One question I want to ask to those person who laugh at others does we can laugh at ourselves in front of others, the answer is no then why on others. In my view those person are literate who respect the sentiment of others, being bad is so easy but being good it takes lots of time, and maintaining it is more difficult then it, people chooses bad path because it is easy.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Yes sir, i agree with your sentiments but I think everyone knows the date of same day whether he is literate or illiterate and yes if someone is having error so its our duty to correct it. Many of the person does not know that what is basically the difference between republic day and independence day? They are just born to be slave and they are slaved yet of their narrow thinking.
    thank you sir for sharing such a nice incidence to us and you did the thing that any aware person should do over it.

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    Sachin Garg,

    So what did you do on Republic Day? Would love to hear about your experience. It will help motivate others to do something for the nation.

    All we hear are tall claims - no one does much. Please share with us how you spent Republic Day. What did you do to make it special and memorable?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Juana ji, thank you for being interested in how i spent my Republic day. On that day, I spent my maximum time with my parents and will prepare breakfast for them and one more thing on that day is that i went to my school where i studied from nursery to eight class and motivate the students of that school and remember the old days that i spent in that school and meet my old friends and discuss the future plan with them. I do not go to any orphanage, temple or church, the thing, i did on that day is these only.

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