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    Request to ISC admin - I don't need such award if my feeling has not been respected

    I don't need such award from ISC admin, if my feeling has not been respected.

    I have this negative relationship with few editors, who take no chance to hurt my feelings with their own so called power. Just recently I was awarded SOW award. With a negative statement by lead editor - "has the potential to shine brighter among others." What does he really mean from this? Am I won the first award? Or I have never been posted such interesting thread?

    You can never find anything copied content on my writing or taken from any other sites. Its all my own thinking and content. I have strictly following this since I started my journey. Since then here are the following awards and contest winning details.

    1. I got member of the month, member of the week and wizard of forum in September2011.
    2. I have participated in 4 GD and got award in all of GDs.
    3. I have won some creative writing contest. The Guru Purnima contest, How ISC has changed your life contest and Eid-ul-Fitr-creative-writing-contest -Consolation Prize. International Women's Day- creative writing contest- 1st Runner-Up
    4. There are so many TOW awards.
    5. I have written 22 articles.
    6. Once I have posted a thread that half of my posted thread got CC during a time.

    What more potential one need to stand in ISC?
    Is not the remark of LE was personal and purposely done? I have told this openly yet the statement was not edited.

    Is ISC runs with personal opinion? Is not a LE should think before he talks? I wonder if the same statement can he say to some of our senior member?

    Initially I felt happy and accepted the award. But seeing the attitude of LE, I just want to reject it.
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    Jeet I can understand your reasons to get annoyed just because the editor shared those lines which was not warranted at all. This is one more classic example where without knowing the reactions for that the Lead Editor shared his view which was taken as offence by the author. I have been following your contributions in this site and there is no doubt about your calibre and capabilities. I think you should not turn down the award or the prize given to you. It was decided by the administration and the award was announced by the LE and nothing more than that. Therefore accept the award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes it happens. You need not take it seriously. You should see that your posts are worth for the award and hence you were given. In my opinion you need not reject the award and you may accept the same. I wish you will forget the issue and accept the award.
    always confident

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    The silence speak louder than words. It has been proved again that only editors have the emotions and feelings to get offended that's why even mind you words look threat to some intelligent person. If one doesn't want to solve the issue it's up to them. However I doubt if the LE has the potential of the work he does because his opinion and attitudes differ by seeing the face and zone of the members.

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