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    What does Republic Day mean to you as an Indian?

    How significant is the Republic Day as far as you are concerned? Is it just another public holiday or do you assign some importance to this date? Let us keep in mind that this was the date when 'WE, the people' have been declared as the power center of India. Share your opinion and let us discuss whether it is 'We, the people' who still enjoy the Constitutional status.

    Republic Day is one of the most important days in Indian history. Every year, we Indians celebrate January 26 as Republic day, a day on which the Indian Constitution was officially born. On a general note, when we speak about Republic day, a few things which come to our mind are the flag hoist event, cultural events and the distribution of sweets after the flag hoist event conducted at the school, government offices or any public places near our locality.

    Every nook and corner of the country celebrates the day in a grand manner in its own way. Some of the citizens of India celebrates the Republic day by sitting in front of the Doordarshan channel and spends some time watching the President's Republic Day speech; the flag hoist event, parade, and other colorful cultural events telecasted live from New Delhi, the capital of India. But for most of the citizens, Republic day is just a public holiday with not much importance.

    As a citizen of India, how do you see India's Republic day as a day? What does Republic Day mean to you?
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    For me, Republic Day means to take the oath to make India a true Republic. On this day, we must make a resolve to bring back the glorious days of the past.
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    Republic day is the day on which our country has brought its own constitution into existence. A day for every India to be happy. Attending flag hoisting is what I do definitely. I will go to my office for flag hoisting or I will go to our colony welfare association building for attending the hoisting of the flag. All the Indians should strive for protecting the independence of our country. As a responsible Citizen of India, we should see that the independence is protected forever. As A citizen we should also contribute to the protection of freedom of India.
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    For me and every Indian , Republic day means following the constitution in full and not to give room for its amendments now and then. By the way when it comes to rights and privileges of the downtrodden no one is against it but in the guise of providing reservations to various castes, the constitution was forced to be amended many times. Even in case of smaller states there has been demand from other places to create small states and Telangana has proved that smaller states can give better administration and the attention of the government would be in total on every problem. So there is a need to amend the constitution for creation of smaller states.
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    As a kid republic day used to be most exciting and happy national festival for me although I wasn't aware of its significance at that time.
    But now also it is very important to me I eagerly wait to watch the parade, flag hoisting and especially various tableau of various states. For me, whole republic day represents a small tableau of the various culture and people spread over the whole country which comes together on this very special day.

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    As an Indian, Republic day is not a holiday for me. This day is not for flag hoisting only. This day is the day for retrospection and introspection for me. I have to retrospect on whether we could achieve the objectives of the Republic as mentioned in the constitution. I must introspect how far I can give my services to nation to achieve the objectives set in the constitution.

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    Republic day marks the formation of Republic India. It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the integrity of the nation. As the largest democracy in the world, we have a huge responsibility to take India towards success. Flag hoisting, singing the national anthem isn't the only thing to be done on the Republic day. You must be more responsible towards your country, not only on this day but every day.

    Follow traffic rules, respect others, avoid eve teasing, pay taxes, work hard so that we make India as a shining jewel of the world, which actually it was before the destruction caused by British Empire.

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    For me Republic day means(meant), a silent prayer, thinking about the countless lives laid by our freedom fighters to get freedom and the defence forces for safe guarding it. An honest sense of feeling part of the country and the wish to be a good citizen. If possible help people in whatever way I can and continue performing my duties.
    I did watch parts of the grand parade on the TV, the power of our armed might and the dignitaries and felt proud that yes, It's worth it.

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    Republic day in my piece of the word, it means honesty towards our country, prayer for those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for making our county peaceful.
    for kids, it is a holiday too to enjoy the grand parade. my kids and I also celebrate this day as a grand day we feel very proud of the army and air force when they showed full power in the parade.

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