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    Does divide and rule policy always stand good?

    Divide and rule was the policy of Britishers. The British, before giving us Independence, made it sure that we divide into two. The present-day politics also always works on the same principle. The parties will always try to keep the voters divided. The Congress party divided Andhra Pradesh into two states thinking that they will come to power at least in Telangana.

    The Politicians try to bring in caste, creed or religion into the front to ensure that we will never unite. If they are not doing that, all the people will try to be friendly and never quarrel on some or other pretext. Even in many organizations also I have seen the management want the workers to be not in the same Union. They want a division among them also.

    It is because it is always easy to rule the people when they are divided. Do you agree, members?
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    Divide and rule was the legacy imparted by the British regime and that is continued even today in our every walk of life. By dividing the force, the strength weakens and thus the organisation can plan good things as per their wish. In politics too the leaders divide between the religions and caste and get benefited. In companies there may be several union affiliated to various political parties and thus they would be constant pressure on the management to accept their demands. So by dividing the unions, the company would win over them and have the peaceful living of other employees who are not in the union.
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    Divide and rule policy have been in practice since ages and it was introduced in India by British. This principle's benefactors were always those monarchs who ruled different countries or states or any geographical area. The basic rule in this principle is to break the powerful territories into smaller ones or it also implies the inhibition of smaller groups linking together. Although it was practised by British in India, the history of divide and rule was practised by many monarchs, ruling empires or civilizations. It was one of the basic principle followed in Narcissism which is one of the oldest practice of ruling by many Greek and European leaders. Even the Mongolian empire practised this method.

    No matter who practised it or who implemented it, it gave fruitful results to all the ruling empires with which they were able to break the backbone of the nation. Sadly this is widely practised by many politicians in India.

    PS: Please edit or have a brief glimpse of dividing former Telugu State into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Congress did not divide to gain power in Telangana. Telangana movement has been in action for ages since 1950's after the then created state Andhra Pradesh was formed after separating from Madras. Many people have died to form the Telangana State and this movement has a great history and your meagre sentence stating that Congress divided the state for gaining power in Telangana is utterly blunt and baseless. Kindly remove that statement. The state division was not a Political Agenda and Congress was in the rule in United Andhra Pradesh.

    Thank You.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Divide and rule policy works in the short term for the gain of a few people but once people find out the truth, it fails in the long run. The Indian princely states were divided by similar fashion. Divide and rule in principle weakens a single entity and makes it easier to manage two groups. This would be in a subtle fashion using the points of disagreement between the parties.
    In large business houses, this would be done to keep the differences alive thereby breaking the unity among employees of various lower ranks.
    In politics, such things happen for individual benefit. In many states potentially delicate events and facts are portrayed in a manner that public is split on religion, sub-caste and rich vs poor. This does not work in large groups and at state levels, it may be formed at a taluk-level or a district level.

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    The divide and rule policy is everywhere and still works. An organisation will never want that people working under them get United. It is indeed a danger for their existence. Maybe that is why influential people in an organisation gets more attention , the authority people know that if they can keep them in their side, their stand can influence other not to oppose the authority personal. these influential people are those who are more respected in groups. So, this policy still works in our daily life.

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    I think that this divide and rule policy will be a weapon in the hands of the Managers and the organisers. They will always use this as a weapon to control the people who are trying to flourish against the wishes of them. I have seen many books and many sites to know how to counter this policy but no clue I am getting. Thd great Sakuni who was with Duryodhana wanted to win over Duryodhana while being good with him. So the first attempt he had made is to make Pandavas away from him as if both Pandavas and Kauravas are together, it is very difficult for Sakuni to win over Duryodhana.
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    Divide and rule is an age-old policy which kings, leaders and politicians resorted to get advantage.
    This policy is still in very much use and present day politicians are dividing people on the basis of caste and religion.
    It is unfortunate that even educated and knowledgeable people are falling in their trap.

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    The divide and rule policy was the invention of some shrewd politicians to get their selfish mileage out of it.

    It is very sad that this policy is being used today also by the politicians as well as beaurocrats to get their motives completed.

    Unfortunately the public is ready to be exploited by these timid people. They can be excited by these politicians on small talks based on religion or caste or false ego.

    The recent agitation by some groups on the release of film 'Padmavati' is a burning example of this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Politically this theory proved beneficial for the britishers that ruled India till 1947 till we got independence. They were in few hundred numbers but controlled inhabitants of Indian Sub-continent for longer which in different scenario won't have possible.

    The inhabitants of Indian Sub-continent were not united & were divided on account of caste, creed & religion & other aspects. However, we also saw the emergence of factors which added to the awareness which motivated us to go for the complete Independence.

    But we also saw the sacrifices that the people did for their country which is really sad. There are still unknown & unheard stories of eliminations that went not on record.

    But we need to admit that these existed already before the known time & will continue to exist in the everlasting future also. Because of a simple reason that we continue to have the inhabitants of different backgrounds.

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